Restored: Gauquelin Sectors

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Restored: Gauquelin Sectors

Post  Dinny on Fri Jun 25, 2010 12:08 am

cancercrab wrote:Hmm, it seems like they are sectors of your chart that represent our personalities the strongest. Your chart is divided into 4 areas:

GS1 - 30° above the Ascendant and 10° immediately below it, 40° in total.
GS2 - 30° west of the MC and 10° east of the MC, 40° total.
GS3 - 20° below the Descendant and 10° above it, 30° in total.
GS4 - 20° east of the IC and 10° west of the IC, 30° in total.

However, most on here know what ascendants and MC's are. You do, right?

"GS1 and GS2 are the locations on a birthchart where planets are positioned most strongly to exhibit in the personality of the individual. When a planet is neither rising, (near the Ascendant), nor at its culmination, (near the MC), the Gauquelins describe the planet as being in a zone of weaker intensity. Planets located in GS3 or GS4 exhibit more strongly in the personality than planets outside any of the Gauquelin Sectors."

Only 4 planets (and also the moon) are said to be the indicators of personality if they are in these areas and they are: moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, and Mars.

Wow. I have Neptune, Uranus, Saturn outside the ascendant and Pluto 7 degrees outside of MC. But I think only the Saturn counts. And it's my "chart-ruler" too, apparently.

Here's the link for all the "traits":

cancercrab wrote:It's related, but I think what they're stressing here is that if (for example) your Venus is by the Ascendant or MC, then Venus-like traits would represent your personality stronger than say, if it were somewhere in the third house. There's the four parts of the chart that are divided up into different roles they play in your life, but I don't think that's what the theory above is trying to say. Everything you said all put together is your personality when you look at the big picture, but I think this one is trying to be more precise with only 4 planets and a moon by either your Asc. or MC. This theory seems less complicated, but also less thorough.

Stalker wrote:But like, that would depend on what house the planet stands in. A house of development or beginning isn't as strong as house of achievement or maturity. ...Which is sort of what you said, since houses below horizon are houses of beginning and development.

My personal opinion is that you can have a chart ruler and a co-ruler, or two chart-rulers. The planets that aren't parts of stelliums or aren't conjunct are stronger. Also, what sign the planet is in sort of decides how powerful it will be. My Mars, for example, is in its position of Detriment, which basically brings out the negative or reverse qualities of that planet in that sign.

I'd say my chart-rulers are Pluto and Jupiter for example. If I remember correctly, you have a planet or two a bit further away from the two "parties" you have, so I would say it's safe to assume that you have another powerful planet besides your chart ruler Saturn.

Stalker wrote:Blah blah.

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