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Restored: Hemispheres

Post  Dinny on Thu Jun 24, 2010 11:56 pm

Stalker wrote:*Beginners: read everything.
*Intermediates (or those with short attention span): you can skip the Venetian Red, read Dark Midnight Blue instead, that way you'll jump directly to interpretations.

We brought the hemispheres up in some of the threads.
There are 12 houses, 4 quadrants, and 4 hemispheres.
Each quadrant consists of 3 houses.
Each hemisphere consists of 8 houses, the hemispheres overlap each other.

Your chart is circular and divided into all those.

First, we have the angles: Ascendant, Imum Coeli, Descendant and Medium Coeli (aka Midheaven). Ascendant-Descendant splits your chart horisontally into two halves. The lower side, below the "horizon", consists of houses 1-6. This is your northern hemisphere. The upper part, above the horizon, is your southern hemisphere, consisting of houses 7-12. Some people confuse the hemisphere, thinking that north is up, but that's wrong. North = down. South = up.

The second axis is Midheaven - Imum Coeli axis. This line cuts through your chart from southern hemisphere through northern hemisphere, letting your chart split in four pieces in total. The left side of your chart, houses 10-3, marks the eastern hemisphere. The right side of your chart, houses 4-9, marks the western hemisphere.

Northern (below) Hemisphere: Inner/Introverted
Southern (above) Hemisphere: Outer/Extraverted
Eastern (left) Hemisphere: Self/Own
Western (right) Hemisphere: Other/Others

Hanging with so far?

Quadrant 1 (houses 1,2,3): Beginnings/Base of self. Consists of first house of appearance/self; second house of possessions and inheritance; and third house of communication, siblings, information.

Quadrant 2 (houses 4,5,6): Developement and progress of the base. Consists of fourth house of roots, origins and home; fifth house of interaction, romances and general relations; sixth house of health, routines, hygiene, habits.

Quadrant 3 (houses 7,8,9): Transcendence of the personal base, achievement. Consists of seventh house of relationships, partnerships and open enemies; eighth house of sex, death, finances, secrets; ninth house of higher knowledge, philosophy, travel.

Quadrant 4 (houses 10, 11, 12): Maturity, final result of transcendence. Consists of tenth house of public appearance, public role, career, vocation; eleventh house of collective, humanity, society, groups; twelfth house of repression/surpression, inner wounds, clouded part of psyche etc.

Still with me?

Northern Hemisphere wrote:- "The planets clustered in the northern hemisphere suggest a very subjective view of life with personal privacy noted as important. You enjoy working alone because you are a little introspective and perhaps even introverted. So your accomplishments may often lack recognition. This more subjective view of matters can produce significant focus and thrust of action."

- "The Northern Houses, 1 to 6, are considered to be subjective, that is directed inwards or introverted. They are more home oriented. They indicate you consider internal reasons and information, that is, your own opinions. You need to spend some time each day alone in order to recharge."

- "Houses 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6
Northern Hemisphere: The Me and Self processes in life. Self evolution is the primary goal for this individual with emotional fulfillment from the inside out. Strives to balance creativity with reliance in an introverted mode."

- "The Northern Hemisphere is comprised of Houses 1 through 6--the lower half of the chart (below the horizon). This is the personal and subjective portion of the chart. These houses rule areas of life that directly impact the development of our personalities and help shape our individual identities. People with a preponderance of planets in the Northern hemisphere tend to be private and more subjective."

- "People with the majority of planets on the bottom half tend to be more private, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t ever have public lives They are what used to be called "inner directed". Every now and then, they notice that there is a world "out there" and then they can make a terrific impact because nothing anyone else says can make any real impact on their decisions."

- "The Northern (*Mod-edit: On the site, they refer to it as "Southern", which is wrong) hemisphere is that part of the chart between the Ascendant and the 7th house cusp, and people with a preponderance of planets here are likely to be highly subjective, emotionally dominated and perhaps shy and lacking in confidence. Preferring security to adventure every time, the Southern hemisphere person can - in extremes - even become trapped within their own four walls, hermit-like. Moodiness is common, but on the positive side such people have a wealth of imagination and flair and are usually very sincere - what you see is what you get. Rarely concerned with their image, these characters shy away from public life. Even those who are well known, for whatever reason, will fiercely guard their privacy."

Southern Hemisphere wrote:- "The planets clustered in the southern hemisphere suggest that you are ambitious, career oriented, and generally want fame and recognition. You have an objective view of life that lets you enjoy working with others. You are very active in the outside world, having broad material values and goals. Little that you say or do escapes public view."

- "The Southern Houses, 7 to 12 are considered objective or outward looking (extraverted). They are more worldly in their outlook. They consider external reasons and information, that is they dependent on others opinions. You need some socialising each day in order to recharge."

- "Houses 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12
Southern Hemisphere: The social and other people processes in life. This individual tends to value the opinions of others to the disregard of his own opinions. Similar to NH, strives to balance creativity and reliance through others in an extroverted mode."

- "The Southern Hemisphere is comprised of Houses 7 through 12--the upper half of the chart (above the horizon). This is the social, objective, and collective portion of the chart. People with the majority of planets found in the Southern hemisphere tend to be more objective, sociable, and concerned with "outside" events, whether they affect them on a personal level or not."

- "The top half of the horoscope (also called the southern half) represents the part of us that is easily visible. The bottom half (the northern section) shows the part of us that tends to be less visible. People with top heavy charts tend to be more public, to be more visible out there in the world, Bill Bradley for instance. He was a basketball star and then a U.S. Senator, putting his life under constant scrutiny."

- "A birth chart with many planets in the Southern Hemisphere (*Mod-edit: And here, they wrote "Northern", sigh), between the 7th house cusp and the Ascendant, suggests a worldly, sophisticated person with many outside interests. Detached and objective, these people are usually highly practical and wordly wise from an early age, and they quickly learn how to manipulate circumstances around them to their own advantage. Very concerned with their image, in direct contrast to the Southern hemisphere people, those with a strong northern hemisphere are very much 'keep up with the Jones' type people, and are always worrying about 'what will the neighbours think?' Generally proud and independent, and often 'lucky', these people are the most likely of all to be attracted to glamour and fame, and to shine in public life."

Eastern Hemisphere wrote:- "The planets clustered in the eastern hemisphere suggests that you are likely to be more independent, strong-willed, and more individualistic than others think. The placements on the east side denotes leadership ability, a self-starter, one who is self-motivated and often self-employed and a risk-taker. You are more apt to be the author of your own destiny, and one likely to have many choices in life."

- "The Eastern Houses- 1, 2, 3 and 10, 11, 12 are considered to be independent, self-assertive or self-referring. They are intrinsically motivated. In a simple way, this means that they do things because of their own motives, wants, etc, and not for external reward.. They want to feel they are free to do what they want and are masters of their destiny. Their motive is self satisfaction."

- "Houses 10, 11, 12, 1, 2 & 3
Eastern Hemisphere: The individual is typically self-reliant and motivated. Considerable drive and force. Just as comfortable working with others as doing a project alone. Strives to balance self with others."

- "The Eastern Hemisphere is comprised of the first 3 and the last 3 houses—in other words, Houses 1, 2, 3, 10, 11, and 12. It is the half of the chart that is on the left. When the majority of planets are found in the Eastern hemisphere, the native is generally self-motivated, initiating, action-oriented, and self-assertive. He or she tends to believe strongly in free will."

- "If there is a majority of planets on the left side of the horoscope, this is an indication that the person is better able to take initiative. Little is handed to these people on a silver platter, but that doesn’t make any difference. They can go out and get their own platter. Remember that this is only an indication. If the person happens to have the planet Jupiter very strong, for instance, then they will have both initiative and "good luck". Don’t you just hate people like that?"

- "The Eastern hemisphere of a natal chart is the Oriental or left hand side. A majority of planets falling within his areas, which stretches from the cusp of the 10th house to the cusp of the 4th house, suggests a self -reliant character. People with a significant planetary concentration in this area often regard themselves as masters of their own destiny. Highly resourceful these people don't wait for things to happen to them - instead they create their own future, initiating action, loving to feel in control. The downside is that these people can become rather obsessive about control, feeling that they cannot relinquish their hold on any aspect of their lives - the original 'control freak' if you like. This person may often take on more than they can manage, but at least they can feel that their actions in life are of their own choosing."

Western Hemisphere wrote: - "The planets clustered in the western hemisphere suggests that you are highly adaptable to opportunities, but you are also somewhat dependent on others in many ways. You are passive or subtle in your actions, often permitting others to take the lead. You work best in a partnership or group employment mode, always having others involved in your destiny. You have a sense for taking advantage of opportunities that are presented to you, and because of this you usually make the most out of them."

- "The Western Houses, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9, are considered to be co-operative, dependent or other-referring. They are extrinsically motivated. And they do things because of others, or external rewards. They consider they are to some extent dependent on fate. Their motive is external approval and reward."

- "Houses 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9
Western Hemisphere: The ultimate team player possibly to the point of losing a sense of self. May lose connections with individuality in efforts to compromise. Tends to need others to motivate him before initiating action. Similar to the EH, strives to balance others with self."

- "The Western Hemisphere is comprised of Houses 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9—the right half of the chart. People with the majority of planets in the Western hemisphere tend to be other-oriented and receptive rather than self-motivated. The needs of others are considered before taking action. It is in this sense that the lives of people born with this emphasis are thought to be more in the hands of fate. However, this is not actually the case, as people with either Eastern or Western hemispheric emphasis (and those with balanced charts in this sense) essentially have the same free will potential."

- "If there is a majority of planets on the right side of the horoscope, we have what has been facetiously called a Royal Chart. It got this name because these folks can’t seem to get anything going without having someone else involved. And, oh yes, these people do have things handed to them on that proverbial silver platter. Naturally, the more planets you have on any one side, the stronger the effect will be."

- "Western dominated charts are those having a substantial majority of planets on the Occidental or right hand side, which lies between the 4th house and the 10th house (the hemispheres overlap, as opposed to the chart quadrants, which do not). Individuals with such charts tend to prefer to let fate take charge of their lives - the opposite of the those with the emphasis on the Eastern hemisphere. These people are generally quite sociable and amiable, and their gregarious natures often lead to opportunities arising for them that may have not have been open to the Eastern hemisphere type - this is a typical case of being in the right place at the right time with the right smile! However, a certain laziness can creep into Western hemisphere type people, who become far too content to just sit back and allow life to come to them. Decision making is often difficult for them and they frequently procrastinate yet at the same time bemoaning their lack of choice."

Combinations wrote:The Northeast Hemisphere (Lower Left)

When the planets occupy the northeast, you place great faith in your native abilities and you are less inclined to trust others with tasks that you feel you can do better on your own. You tend to be self-contained and highly subjective in your judgments. You place a great value on maintaining your privacy.

The Southeast Hemisphere (Upper Left)

Planets focused in the southeastern quarter of the chart shows a highly self-contained individual very much in control of his/her destiny. This is a very outward focussed grouping showing one who is totally willing to consider others in life situations. There is a tendency to seek self-fulfillment through sharing with others and success is measured not so much by your standards, but by what opinion others hold of you.

The Northwest Hemisphere (Lower Right)

Planets in a cluster in the northwestern quarter of the chart suggests that you are an adaptive, reative and practical individual. You will seek fulfillment through the development and expansion of your native talents and abilities in an attempt to improve upon some phase of life that you consider of particular importance. You are apt to be strongly influenced in this regard by others, and by acts that you yourself do not initiate.

The Southwest Hemisphere (Upper Right)

When planets occupy the southwestern quarter of the chart, actions in your life are open and exposed to others, and your activities are very much a matter of public attention and record. The achievement of any degree of self-realization requires that you give of yourself. Others will constantly prove to be a drain on your energies and resources. Though you may find yourself in the spotlight, you may always seem to lack complete control of matters.

Right, now that we have all that clear, and now that you've managed to endure yourself through tiring fontcolors, tell us about your chart's hemispheres. Also tell us how it works out for you, what you agree and disagree with, share the planets of your hemispheres and quadrants, you know the drill.

There are absolutely few people who have their planets stuffed in one of the hemispheres only. Often, it's a combo of two hemispheres. I at least remember that Josh/Chunky-Munky has a Northern emphasis with equal amount on both East and West, while Depth of Emotion has a SouthEast emphasis. Clare has a Southwest emphasis if I'm not blatantly mistaken, though also balanced/almost tie.


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