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Restored: Stelliums

Post  Dinny on Thu Jun 24, 2010 11:52 pm

HarmoniousIntuition wrote:From what I know, Conjuctions are 2 planets that are less than 8 degrees apart, and a stellium is more than 2 planets that are less than 8 degrees apart.

Stelliums by nature are harder to interpret as you have to blend those planet energies and then apply the blended meaning to something. Software's can't do this well.

My gf has a stellium of 6 planets, all in the 6th house, going accross sag and cap. it'll be a nightmare to interpret with what i know alone.

Stalker wrote:As H.I. mentioned, it's merged influence. If a conjunction is two planets with overlapping or equally channeled effects, then a stellium is like a group of planets with merged and overlapping influences, functioning as one. It's said that they weaken individual planetary effects though.

That means that your Mercury, Venus, Chiron and Sun work as a unity, tightly knit.

Stalker wrote:

Stalker wrote:Stelliums/merged influences weaken the planets' individual effects and roles. Your initiative drive and motivation (Mars) will react/work with your preferences and harmonic values/needs (Venus) and communicative mind (Mercury). The problem is that they will all operate by same triggers, with little or no separation, no individual reactions. At least they're "synchronized".

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