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Restored: Nodes

Post  Dinny on Thu Jun 24, 2010 11:59 pm

cancercrab wrote:From cafeastrology: "The North Node (North Node of the Moon) and South Node ( South Node of the Moon) of the Moon are points that are directly opposite each other. Together, they form the Nodal Axis. They are not planetary bodies; rather, they are mathematical points that take into account the relationship between the Sun, Moon, and Earth at the time of our birth. More specifically, the Moon's nodes are the points where the Moon's orbit intersect the plane of the ecliptic.

The Nodes of the Moon represent points of personal karmic imbalance. The North Node represents the kinds of experiences that we must work to develop in order to work with our karma, and to grow spiritually. The South Node represents those experiences and qualities that come naturally to us, that are over-developed, and that we tend to fall back on. The South Node can be a point of undoing unless we develop the North Node experiences and qualities. Thus, consciously working on these "life lessons" can bring us to increased happiness and fulfillment. If we over-emphasize and fall back on the qualities of our South Node, at the expense of developing our North Node, we may have a difficult time feeling personally successful. "

I thought life lessons were kind of a... Saturn thing. Mine's in 2nd house in Aries, but I don't really know what kind of challenges that would give me. I can't see it making myself run into things without thinking, since I tend to dwell on important matters a bit too long.

Stalker wrote:EDIT: Link edited.

North Node definition at Astrology Notes

According to Canopus/Clairvision, North Node is what you need to reach, become or do in order to "solve" your karmic tangle in the chart, where you need to evolve, while South Node indicates your natural and past talents and things that go easy or self-explanatory for you.

I interpret my node as; I need to be more inventive, flexible and less depending on my social surroundings and "charm". Work and remember to be flexible instead of being stubborn and taking easy paths.

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