Restored: Celtic Zodiac

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Restored: Celtic Zodiac

Post  Dinny on Fri Jun 25, 2010 12:24 am

ArgentFang wrote:Kind of a fun twist on things to be sure. There's a good database on the stuff on this very site.

Stalker wrote:I like the fact that it's based on trees and natural symbols. That the celtic zodiac takes their symbolism closer to earth, so to speak, through nature.

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Re: Restored: Celtic Zodiac

Post  MKing on Wed Jun 30, 2010 8:47 am

January 1-January 11:
Those born between these two dates also fall under the lesser influence
of a secondary tree...the Fir, whose motto is "To Watch Over Every
Birth" or "The Mysterious." Fir individuals have extraordinary taste,
dignity and sophistication. They love anything that is beautiful, but
tend to be somewhat moody and stubborn. Though somewhat egotistic, Fir
individuals nonetheless care deeply for those close to them. They are
usually quite modest, very ambitious, talented and industrious. Fir
people tend to make many friends...and equally as many foes...but are
very reliable in character. Reserved about everything that affects them
closely, Fir individuals tend to take refuge beneath the facade of
prosperity, with a paradoxical need to feel free and protected at the
same time.

Some Famous Birch People
Jim Carrey, Minnie Driver, Mel Gibson, Marilyn Manson, Richard Nixon,
Louis Pasteur and Howard Stern

Those have to be some of the most random Capricorn guys ever. They are all complete opposites.

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