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Restored: Oujia Boards

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Restored: Oujia Boards Empty Restored: Oujia Boards

Post  Dinny Wed Jun 30, 2010 12:21 am

Wiseman wrote:All I know about the Ouija Board is that it supposedly connects us with the "dead" or some type of spiritual beings. I have experienced one that actually worked and you could tell it wasn't just a bunch of people pushing it because it moved so fast from all directions. This board however, was an older one and was the scary one, haha!

My story with it- A couple of friends and I decided to play it, many were skeptics about the board. All criticism faded once the board replied in such a fast way. It told us to go to this graveyard about 2 miles outside of my town. So we drive out there and it tells 2 of my friends to get out of the car and walk into the clearing of this graveyard gate. They both get out and slowly take steps, the board continues to say keep going. The further they would walk, the louder the crickets and night life grew, along with weak fog. They finally got to a spot about 10 to 15 feet inside the graveyard. The board then said, "They're on my grave." My friend Mitch and I both yelled it out from the car and right when we did my friends subwoofers started to pound extremely loud! Everyone screamed and my 2 friends sprinted back to the car screaming the ground was falling! They said right when we said that the ground beneath them got extremely mushy and they thought it was going to suck them in. Both were extremely scared and nearly crying, haha! It was insane, and I haven't touched a board since last weekend, it didn't work, thank goodness!

Meurglys wrote:I had some fun experiences with Ouija Boards. Not to mention one of the most interesting books I've read is a Ouija Board Epic called "The Changing Light at Sandover" where these guys record everything that a bunch of (real historic) spirits tell them through this medium.

One of my craziest experiences was over 8 years ago when I was visiting some friends in Chicago. They were very big on using the board to find out all sorts of things, like whether someone in the family is safe wherever they are. Anyway one of them started asking me to have a session with her. I went for it since I always had fun before. This time I was taking it much more seriously though, especially being in Chicago which feels like the most haunted city I've ever been to and I've been to a few. Anyway she got it out and we decided that to prevent any sort of psychokinetic movement of the plaque, I should look away whenever I ask something and she can read out the letters to me. I first asked to speak to someone who had recently died - the mother of one of my close friends. Once we established that she is there, I asked her a bunch of questions to verify her identity, all were answered correctly and succinctly. Finally I wanted to raise the stakes so I asked her how she died. This girl I was doing the session with didn't know anything about this dead woman, especially not that she was murdered by her husband. I was still looking away from the plaque as it was moving, and in answer to how she died, my friend read out "H....U....S......hus-" and at that point I got pretty scared because I didn't imagine she'd be so frank about it. That's one of the scariest aspects of using Ouijas - the fact that everything gets answered so precisely and in so few words that you can't help being shocked. Anyway once this happened I told my friend I didn't want to talk to this lady any longer and she suggested we switch to someone she speaks to often, a young kid named Corey. I asked him a bunch of stuff too, especially about my near future. He summed up very accurately the most important points of my next four years. After some time the plaque started frenzying about, going off the board. This is always a good time to stop. Some believe this is when evil/trickster spirits take over. Once we finished that I asked her how Corey died and she told me he was a Columbine victim. Imagine the way I felt when I checked online later to find and see this Corey that had died there.

My conclusion on Ouijas: they definitely work. But you don't necessarily talk to who you think you're talking to. I think there are spirits you make connection to, ones that can catch on to what's happening and either sense what you need to hear, comply with your requests, or mess around with you. Either way it's a fun thing when you're up for it. Use it humbly and you'll find it to be a great medium/source of information.

Stalker wrote:All that sounds so awesome. I know my aunt is into that sort of stuff (well, she doesn't have a Board, but she's into runes and tarot cards), but it's no wonder since she lives in a haunted house. I mean, seriously.

I've never tried Ouija Boards, I simply have no acquaintances who are interested in it or who have one themselves. It's not something I'd like to do alone either, because meddling with the other side is unsettling. I don't even know if I'd like to try, I'm afraid of what they might say. I'm paranoid and 'experiencing things funny' to begin with, any paranormalities on top of that would make me more restless.

Meurglys wrote:I don't blame you for hesitating. There is always the risk of getting drawn in, feeling the need to channel more often, becoming dependent on and slowly controlled by the spirits. Things have been known to get dangerous.

Something much safer and generally more accurate is using a pendulum. It's great for finding out a little more about your insides - your feelings, health, possibilities, setbacks, and anything else you could possibly dig for in your subconscious. Most importantly, you are the one in control, so while it may give access to the higher powers, it will remain internal and won't make use of any malicious energies. Plus, you can train a pendulum to help you in making decisions, finding things, getting to the root of problems, even remembering the past. While answers will be naturally subjective, it's no less a great way to get at those hidden areas your life revolves around.

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