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Restored: Numerology

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Restored: Numerology Empty Restored: Numerology

Post  Dinny Wed Jun 30, 2010 12:37 am

Pudding wrote:I'm moving some of the important stuff to this forums from the old.
Will be sharing again some of the cool numerology websites.

Websites for Reads
Number Quest

For Numerology Calculations
Vision Impressions
Affinity-Numerology (similar to Vision Impressions)
Kabish Numerology

Master Number Reads
Divining Your Life Path Number
Numerology Overview


Look out for these on the next post!!
  • Basics
  • Summary of Life Path (Life Cycle) Numbers
  • Basic Number Meanings
  • Master Numbers
  • Bringover quotes - previously from the Wolf Pack Constellation Forums

A.R.M. wrote:If anyone has a name in which the letter Y comes after a vowel, I would appreciate if you told me which results describe you better: Y as a consonant, or Y as a vowel.

For try it with the letter Y for the consonant results, replace it with seven of the letter A for the vowel results.

OneRyt wrote:I've been interested in this topic for a while, but what really makes me tick is the thought of trying to find a connection between Numerology, Astrology, and tarot (and even perhaps angelology/demonology/duality)

Like perhaps these topics:

(keeping in mind, the second link takes 0 as a numeric digit... thus 13)

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Restored: Numerology Empty Re: Restored: Numerology

Post  MKing Wed Jun 30, 2010 1:12 am

Soul Urge:
27 / 9 Restored: Numerology Color_9

Your Soul Urge - The Song of Your
Soul - A Deeper Look Into What Motivates You
Like the number 6 soul urge, your life revolves around
giving and receiving love. Your desire, however, includes the whole of
humanity and a few races besides. Compassion, passion and forgiveness
make up your essence and you are very generous and impressionable. The
fine arts call out to you and you may in fact have a master artist
living inside of you.

44 / 8 Restored: Numerology Color_8

(Consonants: MRCHSNKNG)
Your Personality -
The Impression You Make upon the World
There is an
air of affluence about you, no matter your station in life. People
assume you are in control. You give the impression that you are the
best at what you do, so naturally others look to you for leadership.
You have an eye for quality and no matter what it takes you dress for
success. Designer clothing of the highest quality is certainly your
preference. People cluster around you hoping that some of that luck is

71 / 8 Restored: Numerology Color_8

Your Expression - Character, Talents and
Identity - Your Unique Quality of Consciousness
Business, power and money are in
your blood. You are the steadfast executive who attains their goals
through hard work, amazing courage and untiring determination. People
elect you to lead them because of your aura of control and confidence.
You like things BIG, and secretly, you like them lavish. Physical
strength and stamina make you a likely sports enthusiast as well. Your
expression will most likely find you financially supporting others in
some way.

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Restored: Numerology Empty Re: Restored: Numerology

Post  Dr. ARM Wed Jun 30, 2010 1:16 am

Use your full name. The one on your birth certificate.

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Restored: Numerology Empty Re: Restored: Numerology

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