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Things To Bear In Mind

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Things To Bear In Mind Empty Things To Bear In Mind

Post  Dinny Wed Jun 23, 2010 9:26 pm

If you're migrating here from Novareinna's forum, welcome back. If you're completely new here, warmest of welcomes to you and we invite you to introduce yourself to all of us.

To both new and returning members, I urge you to read through this sticky and consider what has been said.

Things To Bear In Mind Star3 Threads marked with "Restored" throughout the As Above, So Below, Relationships and Oracle sections represent threads from the old forum that have been preserved for their educative value. Feel free to post in these and discuss or elaborate on the topics in any way you please, but bear in mind that some of the original authors may not be members of this forum any longer.

Things To Bear In Mind Star3 Please hide spoilers and NSFW images behind a spoiler (search for the bar above the text area that reads "Others"). If you do not, a moderator will eventually do it for you.

Things To Bear In Mind Star3 Either resize images or hide them behind a spoiler if they are large enough to stretch the page. If you do not, a moderator will eventually do it for you. The same can be said for avatars that are excessively large.

Things To Bear In Mind Star3 There are no restrictions on speech on this forum; you are free to say whatever you like, but you must bear the consequences and take responsibility for anything you might say. Moderators will never delete posts (unless they are spam) or edit posts for content, as this encroaches on your right to speak freely. Moderators will only remove posts at the request of other members in the event of excessive harassment or grossly defamatory remarks.

Things To Bear In Mind Star3 If you have any concerns or suggestions regarding the forum, contact either Mi-Cuit, Dr. ARM or myself and we will assist you in the event that your requirement does not conflict with the above.

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