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Dinny's Ultimate Feng Shui Handbook

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Dinny's Ultimate Feng Shui Handbook Empty Dinny's Ultimate Feng Shui Handbook

Post  Dinny Wed Jun 30, 2010 4:02 am

Foreword: This was spurred on by the gross lack of information about Feng Shui there is on the internet. The following is a thorough condensation of everything I've learned over the years and countless books I've read, and is not comprised of copy-pasted quotes from elsewhere, but written by my own hand.

Part 1 aims to lay out the principles that explain the reasoning behind Parts 2 & 3. If you don't really care about knowing how all of this stuff works and just want to know how you can improve areas of your home, skip right to Sections 2 and 3.

At the moment, there is no personal Feng Shui (the time of your birth and Chinese astrology actually determines how you should place some things in your home, if you want to get super technical) or information about rituals, re-enforcements and spells (which to me are a kind of self-affirmation or even self-hypnosis). There may be at a later date.

Part 1: Introductory Principles
(i) What is Feng Shui?
(ii) Everything About Qi
(iii) The Three Life Pillars
(iv) The Psychology of Feng Shui
(v) The Octagon and the Ba Gua (Also in Part 2)
(vi) All About the Elements

Part 2: Applicable Principles for the Exterior
(i) Neighborhood Problems and Cures
(ii) Lot/House Shape Problems and Cures
(iii) Entry to the House
(iv) Entry to the House Part Two (The Entryway)

Part 3: Applicable Principles for the Interior
(i) All About Floorplans
(ii) Bedroom Tips
(iii) Kitchen Tips (For Women)
(iv) Living Room/Den Tips
(v) Bathroom Tips
(vi) Doors, windows and walls, oh my!

Part 4: Ten Tips for Better...
(i) Money
(ii) Relationships/Marriages
(iii) Health
(iv) Living in Apartments, Condos and Townhouses

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Dinny's Ultimate Feng Shui Handbook Empty Re: Dinny's Ultimate Feng Shui Handbook

Post  Dinny Wed Jun 30, 2010 4:02 am

Part 1: Introductory Principles

(i) What is Feng Shui?
In the most basic terms, Feng Shui refers to the ancient Chinese practice of improving various aspects of your life by enhancing your surroundings.

Feng Shui's principles are derived from many sources, but primarily from Daoist principles, early Chinese Shamanism and Eastern Astrology. The working premise of Feng Shui is that Qi (or Chi), literally life energy, exists around us and flows through the environment. Human beings also have their own personal Qi which is greatly influenced by the movement of Qi around us. By tailoring our environments, we can promote healthy Qi flow and an overall more harmonious environment, and a harmonious environment is desirable for growth, stability, wealth, health and so on. More about Qi will be addressed in section (ii).

The term Feng Shui literally translates to Wind and Water, two elements that "flow" in a motion akin to the movement of Qi, as well as being two pivotal elements in our world: The air that we breathe, and the water that sustains us and grows our crops.

(ii) Everything About Qi
Qi has no direct translation into English, but is roughly equivalent to the term "life force". Qi moves within all living organisms (acupuncture and reiki is based on this) and through the non-living environment. How Qi moves supposedly has a profound affect on your physical and mental well-being, mood, decision-making and sex life to name a small sample.

Believe it or not, Qi is in part measurable. Places high in beneficial Qi are said to be rich in negative ions and oxygen. As an aside, spacecrafts are fitted with a device known as a Schumann-wave Generator: literally a device that is meant to invigorate astronauts during their long voyages into space, and generates a certain wavelength of Qi.

Feng Shui alters the passage and movement of Qi through the use of space, colors, shapes, orientation, lighting, objects, and cleanliness.

Although much more can be said for Qi, we will only examine two more areas: specific movements of Qi, and types of Qi.

Movements of Qi (Along with how they appear on a Dowser's chart)

Sheng-Qi (Beneficial): Looks like a calm wave with gradual bends, like a vine or a winding path. This type is abundant throughout natural areas and is extremely healthy, rejuvenating and invigorating.

Meandering Qi (Beneficial): Looks like a loopy line, like an old-style, coiled telephone cord. Represents normal, harmonious human activity. This is common in small villages, harmonious households with lots of people, and towns near natural areas with little disturbance.

Waving Qi (Beneficial): Looks like squiggly lines, almost resembling the shape water comes in as it laps at the shore. Occurs around bodies of water almost exclusively.

Sha-Qi (Damaging): Looks like a dead straight line. Sha-Qi resembles destructive energy and is abundant in dense urban areas where the geometric, tall buildings force Qi into destructive, straight lines. Also common in long hallways or corridors if they're empty. Pretty easily cured.

Turbulent Qi (Damaging): Looks like an extremely chaotic scribble. Represents too much human activity. Generally only occurs in households with too many electronics where the house's residents spend too much time in the same room, and in the heart of cities.

Si-Qi (or Shi-Qi) (Toxic): Looks like a circle that repeats over and over again. Indicates that Qi has become trapped, stagnated, and become completely toxic. Si-Qi is extremely bad for physiological health and can often be blamed for illnesses, general feelings of depression, and lethargy. Poorly positioned mirrors and clutter are usually the catalysts for Si-Qi.

The Three Types of Qi

Heaven Qi: Includes the energy of the weather, sky, stars and heavenly bodies. Cosmic Qi (literally the planets having their own energies) is believed to be the factors in Eastern Astrology.

Earth Qi: As the name implies, Qi in our environment on earth. Places with good Earth Qi are rich in negative ions and oxygen. Places with bad Earth Qi are areas that are mostly uninhabited (i.e. the Gobi Desert) and places with strong negative magnetic fields.

Human Qi: I don't fully understand this, but it's supposedly the state of the person. To identify the type of Qi an individual has, you first assess the mannerisms or personal characteristics. There are very, very few resources on human Qi and the few sources I did read that addressed it recommended to consult a Qi dowser and "leave it to the experts".

Finally, when actually applied and we look at Feng Shui in practice, Qi can move in some undesirable ways:

Rushing Qi = energy that is channeled in a straight line, often down corridors or hallways.
Stagnant Qi = energy that becomes toxic in cluttered, closed off, or dark rooms.
Blocked Qi = energy doesn't flow to these parts of the house.
Leaking Qi = energy that, well, leaks. Usually window-related.
Piercing Qi = energy that forms a spearlike shape. Occurs with jutting-out parts like the corners of tables.

(iii) The Three Life Pillars
This is a fancy term for the three most important parts of the house.

1) The Entryway
The front door to your house is known as the mouth of Qi, and it is the primary point of your house's energy. It affects every other aspect of your life: your family, friends, coworkers and lovers all walk through that door, and the entryway not only colors their first impressions of you, but it sets the tone for the rest of the abode, both in terms of Qi and your guests' impressions. More on this in Part 2.

2) The Master Bedroom
This governs rest, relationships and health. It is also connected to your earning power. More on this in Part 3.

3) The Stove
The stove is the generator of health and prosperity. The position of the stove in the kitchen is vitally important to health and finance. More on this in Part 3.

(iv) The Psychology of Feng Shui
Many of Feng Shui's principles are rooted in simple psychology. Here, I will discuss a few aspects of this. I have not read this information in any book or on any website: this section is actually based off what I discovered myself, and from information I gained from my ex-boyfriend's father (who is a grandmaster).

Color Psychology
Color psychology is not as subjective as you may be led to believe. Color psychology is almost universal, and our individual preferences for colors do not actually deeply affect how colors influence us. An example of color's influence is seen with red and orange, which are used in restaurant to stimulate appetite. This is because red and orange represent foods that are ripe and ready to eat. On the contrary, blue and purple suppress appetite. As such, many dietitians advise their clients to eat food off a blue plate. This is an evolutionary response, as blue and purple foods represent items that are inedible due to spoiling. Green is universally calming: on many live TV shows, contestants wait in green rooms prior to coming out on stage.

Security and Commanding Positions
In Feng Shui, there is an emphasis on taking the commanding position in your home. What this means is, in any given situation, you want as many sides of you covered as possible, and you want to be able to have the widest view of the room as possible. Basically, in the event of an attack for example, if you're in a corner, there are only two (or really, one) possible ways in which an attacker can advance. For this reason, you are very vulnerable if you sit with a window behind you, or with empty space behind you. Couches should be pushed right up to the wall as much as is plausible.

Feng Shui discourages clutter and encourages a house owner to get rid of things they don't need, this includes holding onto momentoes from your past that carry negative energy (i.e. photographs and cards from ex-lovers with whom you have fallen out). Getting rid of items that hold negative energy or connotations symbolizes letting go of them and moving forward.

A Note on Mirrors
You will notice that Feng Shui has a particular dislike of mirrors. In part, this is because mirrors supposedly reflect and channel Qi in various directions (often improper ones), but also because mirrors emulate schizophrenia. Large mirrors facing the bed (such as robes with mirror paneling), while being rather good for getting dressed, can cause paranoia, restlessness and mental problems.

(v) The Octagon and the Ba Gua (Important for Part 2)
Observe the following image closely.

Dinny's Ultimate Feng Shui Handbook Bagua_life

This is the Ba Gua, one of the most important things in Feng Shui. It is divided into eight sections, each with their own element and area of life that they govern.

Applied practically, what we do is we lay the picture of the Ba Gua over either the floorplan of the entire house, or in a room. To illustrate:

eg 1. Suppose we have a house, and we have the master bedroom in the top right corner of the floorplan. We want to know what area of the house this is. By placing the Ba Gua over your floorplan, you'll see that the top right hand corner will be the Marriage section of the house.

eg. 2. The situation is slightly different for individual rooms. We may have to rotate the Ba Gua a little. The entry to the room will ALWAYS be either in knowledge (leftmost part of the wall), career (center) or helpful people (rightmost part of a wall). With this in mind, suppose we have this room:

Dinny's Ultimate Feng Shui Handbook Crestview-one-bedroom-floor-plan

Suppose we are looking at the bedroom in the bottom left hand corner. Notice how the doorway is at the top, not the bottom? Because of this, we actually place the Ba Gua on this room upside-down. This means that the main entryway comes through the "Knowledge" section, the entry to the closet is in the "Helpful People" section, and the bed is in the "Reputation (Fame)" section.

(vi) All About the Elements
There are five main elements in Feng Shui, also borrowed from Chinese shamanism and Dao. Generally, these elements should be mostly in harmony, although there are some rooms and areas where certain elements should not be present. Specifics regarding this will be dealt with in Parts 2 and 3.

Wood represents growth, and is represented by tall and rectangular structures (like skyscrapers), and the color green. It is linked to the family area of the Ba Gua.

Wood is used where you want growth, expansion and vitality. It is synonymous with a calm, controlled energy, and invigoration. It is best used in bathrooms, hallways/corridors and in bedrooms in controlled amounts.

Fire represents expansion, and is represented by triangular shapes (such as pyramids), and the colors red and orange. It is linked to the fame/reputation area of the Ba Gua. It should never be the primary color of a room, but if you must have a room that is primarily red, it should be the kitchen and/or meals area. Red/orange things should only be accents.

Fire is used where you want movement and brightness, representing activity and energy. Fire cures should be used when you wish for fame or recognition.

Earth represents stability, and is represented by squares and rectangles (but positioned horizontally, in contrast to wood), and the colors brown and yellow. It is linked to the health area of the Ba Gua (the dead center). Brown and earth cures can be used abundantly without penalty, but should be avoided in the bathroom (it is synonymous with mud). Yellow should be used sparingly however, as color psychology has shown that excessive amounts of yellow lead to flared tempers, irritability and instability.

Earth is used where you want balance, grounding and stability.

Metal represents contraction, and is represented by circles and spheres, and the colors white and silver. It is linked to the children area of the Ba Gua. Metal is best used in the bathroom, in the study, and in any place where work-related activity takes place.

Metal is used where you want to improve communication, creativity, and to stimulate your projects and ambitions. It is also used to strengthen your children.

Water represents stillness, and is represented by undulating forms like wavelike patterns and asymmetrical pieces, and the colors blue and black. It is linked to the career area of the Ba Gua. Water, like fire, should be used slightly more sparingly than the other elements, but is best suited to anywhere related to your money-making.

Water is used where you want to improve your peace and clarity of mind, and your money/cashflow!

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Dinny's Ultimate Feng Shui Handbook Empty Re: Dinny's Ultimate Feng Shui Handbook

Post  Dinny Wed Jun 30, 2010 4:02 am

From here on out, I will only provide pointers, tips and cures, without any explanations as I did in Part 1.

Part 2: Applicable Principles for the Exterior

(i) Neighborhood Problems and Cures

Favorable Neighborhood Conditions:
+ The presence of wildlife, especially deer.
+ Abundance of trees and/or shrubs and/or grass and plant life in general.
+ Neighbors give off positive vibes.

Unfavorable Neighborhood Conditions:
+ The presence of domestic animals that appear sickly or mangy.
+ Poorly maintained gardens -- dead/dying plants and grasses.
+ Many houses in neighborhood on sale at the same time (very bad sign).
+ Close proximity to a graveyard, funeral home or hospital (very bad).

(ii) Lot/House Shape Problems and Cures

Favorable Lot/House Conditions:
+ A house that is either level with the street or is on raised land.
+ A house that is along a network of streets, and not at a cul-de-sac or a dead end.
+ A house that is either a perfect square or rectangle (you are missing parts of the Ba Gua otherwise).
+ A house that is a square or rectangle with projections (say you have a long room in the top-left hand corner: this means your career section is expanded by 50%).
+ A lot that has a hill at the back (this is protective and very fortunate).

Unfavorable Lot/House Conditions:
+ A house at the end of a T-Intersection. [Cure: Plant tall hedges across the front of the yard to shield from the negative Qi, hang a wind chime over the front door, place a Ba Gua mirror at the top of your front door facing toward the street]
+ A house on a Cul-de-Sac street. [Cure: Place a fountain on your property near the driveway, or hoist a colorful flag outside of the driveway... go on, be a patriot]
+ A house on a dead-end street. [Cure: Trim away any vegetation that is overgrowing on your property, hang a wind chime near the front door, or place a bird bath/bird feeder in the front yard]
+ A house near a cemetery/funeral home. [Cure: ... Move away, if you can]
+ A house too uncomfortably close to a neighbor. [Cure: Place a Ba Gua mirror on the wall outside, facing the offending house]
+ A house on a busy thoroughfare or a dingy street. [Cure: Plant lots of hedges and vegetation in the front yard]
+ A house that is built low (i.e. you have to climb down a set of stairs to get to it) [Cure: Place a bright light at the back of the house that shines upon the roof, or install a weather vane/antenna/etc, anything to raise the house as much above street level as possible]
+ An L-Shape house (floorplan) [Cure: Place spotlight outside where the part of the house is missing, shine light toward roof]

Unknown/Variable Conditions:
+ Churches with graveyards are bad. Churches without graveyards are neutral. Churches with lots of weddings are very good.
+ Schools with happy and energetic children are invigorating. Schools with generally lethargic, troubled children are unfavorable.

(iii) Entry to the House (And the front yard)
Note: I've been advised by every source I've read that even if you do not apply cures for other sections of your house, making sure this section is in top shape will improve everything significantly just on it's own.

Favorable Entries/Front Yards:
+ Path to the door is either uphill from the road or flat (elevating or neutral respectively).
+ Path winds somewhat (good Qi).
+ Your view from your front door out should be unobstructed and pleasant.
+ Has a driveway that is either flat or uphill.
+ Is abundant with healthy plants.
+ Can feature good energy cures, like a fountain, bird bath (but not both), lights, a flag pole, or windchimes.

Unfavorable Entries/Front Yards:
+ Have no entry from the street (entry is from the garage or from the other side, as in some contemporary homes and units). [Cure: Build a sidewalk, I shit you not, the grandmasters stress this strongly]
+ Have driveways that slope downwards. [Cure: Place inexpensive (solar) or proper lights along both sides of the driveway AND windchime near the garage door]
+ Have an entirely straight path. [Cure: Give the impression of curves by placing rounded pots or planting rounded hedges either side of the path]
+ Have dead/barren trees. [Cure: Uproot them; call someone]
+ Missing risers on stairs (like you live in a unit and your feet could get stuck between stairs) [Cure: You actually need to fix this, there is no cure, and it's worth fixing according to the grandmasters]
+ Narrow, overgrown or tunnel-like entrance to front door. [Cure: Trimming overgrowth if that's the offender, providing light]
+ Obstacles on the path to your front door (i.e. boxes of stuff, bikes). [Cure: Move them, and keep them away]
+ Disrepair/decay at entrance. [Cure: Fix immediately, to the best of your capability; apparently the grandmasters say that after fixing it, you'll earn the money back fast enough anyway]
+ Doors that squeak. [Cure: Oil the hinges]
+ A front door that has a completely transparent window (i.e. they are not Tiffany panes/lead-lights) [Cure: Replace the door entirely if you can, otherwise, place curtains on the offending window-door]
+ Do not plant mulberry trees, these represent death.
+ Do not plant anything with thorns too close to the front door.

(iv) Entry to the House Part Two (When you step in)
I will only list the bad here.

You need a cure if you step into the house and see...

+ A set of stairs staring you down. [Cure: Hang a multi-faceted crystal from the ceiling, no exceptions, go now, DO IT]
+ A split view (i.e. one half you can see further down the house, the other half all you see is wall) [Cure: Place a small mirror, but do not face it directly toward the front door]
+ Mandarin duck stairway (i.e. when you enter, there are a set of stairs going up, and another going down, in front of you) [Cure: Place a plant at the juncture of the two staircases]
+ If one of the first rooms you see is a kitchen. [Cure: Wind chime over the stove]
+ If one of the first rooms you see is a master bedroom. [Cure: Wind chime or crystal anywhere in the bedroom, near the door]
+ If one of the first rooms you see is a bathroom. [Cure: Keep the bathroom door closed at all times.]

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Dinny's Ultimate Feng Shui Handbook Empty Re: Dinny's Ultimate Feng Shui Handbook

Post  Dinny Wed Jun 30, 2010 4:03 am

Part 3: Applicable Principles for the Interior

(i) All About Floorplans

+ When bearing in mind bedrooms, the further back a bedroom is in the house, the more dominant that bedroom owner's role is in the house.
+ Good rooms for the front of the house include: studies, offices, lounge rooms/dens, children's bedrooms and guest bedrooms (they won't outstay their welcome, as opposed to guest bedrooms further back).
+ Good rooms for the back of the house include: all other bedrooms, the kitchen, the dining room, the lounge room/den is good here too
+ The center of your house, even if it's just a toilet or a shoe cupboard, is the most important part of your house. Find it, and stick plants and yellow things there (yellow things = health in this area).
+ A master bedroom or kitchen in the center is devastating and requires advanced cures. This is very uncommon, however, so leave a message if this is your situation.
+ Spiraling staircases are symbolic of dark, negative energy, and can only be cured by winding a silk plant (fake ivy) all the way down the rail.

(ii) Bedroom Tips

+ While in bed, you should be able to see the door.
+ Never, ever, ever, ever have the foot of your bed facing the door (this is known as the coffin position). It should only ever face walls, wardrobes/robes, or a wall with a high window.
+ Make sure the headboard of bed touches the wall, romantic relationships can become unstable otherwise.
+ Your bed needs a strong headboard and either no footboard or a very low one. In no event should the footboard of your bed be as tall or taller than the headboard.
+ Trade in your metal-frame bed for a wooden-frame bed as soon as you can.
+ Avoid having a master bedroom above a garage at all costs. The only cure is to paint a mural of a tree along the wall of the garage or place a decal there, as having a garage below your master bedroom removes the earth element. Add extra green to your bedroom as well as flowering plants to help.
+ If a car is parked and is pointed toward your bedroom (like there's a carport facing your room), hang a wind chime outside.
+ Your bedroom should only have one door (apart from those leading to closets). En-suites are very bad Feng Shui. Keep the door closed at all times.
+ Avoid placing the bed too close to a window. If it need to be close to a window, hang a multi-faceted crystal.
+ Avoid having a fireplace in the bedroom. If it is unavoidable, cure by placing a potted plant at the mouth of the fireplace.
+ Avoid having a blocked entrance to your bedroom (e.g. You walk in and see a wall, and you have to then turn right/left to walk into the room). This is important to cure, because it can severely wear down your success in life and relationships. Cure by hanging a mirror on the wall that faces into the room.
+ Avoid having the headboard of your bed share a common wall with a toilet in the next room over.
+ Avoid having exposed beams over your bed, this is very bad for your physical health (I recall many people I speak to saying that they feel ill and uneasy when they sleep under beams). The only cure is to hang two wooden flutes at 45 degree angles, one at either end of the beam.
+ Avoid sleeping in a room with a loft ceiling. There is no cure for this, but loft ceilings are fucking stupid! Who the hell came up with the idea to make a room so triangular that one wall is rendered completely useless for desks/beds and so on?!
+ The rule of thumb is, if you can avoid huge complex master suites, do it. The focus of the bedroom is on the bed. Bathrooms, walk-in robes and multiple entrances all deplete the energy from the bed, leaving you sexless and tired.
+ If you see a bathroom door as the first thing when you leave your room, hang a mirror on the outside of the door and keep the door closed at all times.
+ Get rid of televisions, stereos, and computers. Get your home phone out of there too. I am guilty of these things, but really, I wish every day I could get my fucking computer out of here.
+ Because the bedroom is a haven of romance, sex and respite away from the rest of the world, work desks and study desks and the like should all be out of the bedroom. The bedroom is a secluded place that should be away from work, responsibility and busyness.
+ If there is a fan directly over the bed, either remove it, or hang a crystal from it and cease using it.
+ Your headboard should not be one of those types where there are multiple drawers and bookshelves. Also, seriously refrain from storing anything under the bed. The space under the bed should be completely clear.
+ Do not sleep in beds that have been previously owned by someone else, these beds carry the energy of those people, including people that have passed, have had problems in marriage, etc.
+ A water bed = an unstable marriage.
+ The ideal size for a bed is anywhere from a double to a large queen. Singles are too confining, and kings are too large and make for distance and separation in a relationship.
+ A few bedsheet colors: Pink for romance, red for passion, green for money, yellow for healing.

(iii) Kitchen Tips (For Women)

+ In an ideal kitchen, the cook (standing at the stove) should be able to easily see any entries into the kitchen. A cook who's back is forever turned to the entry points of the kitchen indicates a poorly designed kitchen in terms of Feng Shui. Cure by placing a mirror panel behind the stove on the wall.
+ Your stove = money. Bear this in mind and keep your stove clean and in good repair, as a dirty stove represents money loss.
+ If your stove if up against a wall as in most homes, invest in sticking a mirror panel above the stove. If you have a free-standing stove, you're extremely fortunate.
+ If for some reason you cannot hang a mirror, hanging a wind chime from the ceiling above where the cook stands is a less powerful cure.
+ A door in the kitchen that leads to the outside needs to be remedied: cure by using that door less frequently, and by hanging a bamboo flute horizontally above the door frame.
+ If the main walkway/thoroughfare through the kitchen passes the stove, hang a wind chime from the ceiling. This obviously covers your base from two points up as well.
+ Gas stoves are highly preferable and are lucky, avoid hot plates/electric stoves as much as possible. Gas stoves cook with real fire, and so represent the fire aspect in Feng Shui, while hot plates lack this trait, are energy-sucking, and do not cook food as well as gas stoves do.
+ To maximize earning power, ensure equal use of all of the burners on your stove top.
+ If there is anything wrong with the stove or oven, repair it (this includes lights, broiler elements, fans and hoods).
+ A window should never be positioned directly over the stove, but as long as the view is pleasant, it is not too bad of a placement.
+ A stove and a toilet should never, ever share a common wall. Here, your money is going down the toilet. Cure with a mirror behind the stove (this really does cure everything here).
+ Knives should not be visible in the kitchen, always place them away when not in use, in drawers or knife blocks.
+ Incandescent lights are preferable over fluorescent for the kitchen, and a kitchen should be bright and lively, but not harshly over-lit.
+ Avoid having the stove and the sink sit too closely together.

(iv) Living Room/Den Tips

+ The master of the house should be able to see most or all of the entrances from his seat.
+ Couches should be pushed up against a wall, avoid free-standing couches where possible. Ottomans and armchairs intended for guests and lower-rank members of the household are fine to be freestanding.
+ Avoid placing a major piece of furniture with it's back to the main entrance if possible.
+ If you must have a freestanding couch, place a large potted plant behind it.
+ When arranging a living room, bear two important things in mind: arrange the room to cater for communication between the guests, and for the masters of the house to be able to see the entryways from their seat.

(v) Bathroom Tips

+ Always, always keep bathroom doors closed. They should only ever open when you're entering/exiting them. If you live with the hard-to-train (i.e. retarded) types, do invest in installing self-closing hinges on the bathroom doors. You can find these at any hardware store.
+ Always keep stoppers in the sink and the lid of the toilet closed. Plug these up and you should notice your money luck increase significantly.
+ A bathroom in the very center of a house is a very bad idea. If you have one, the only cure is to fully panel all of the walls with mirrors, or move out.
+ Also extremely unfavorable is a bathroom in the "wealth" area of the house (the topmost, leftmost corner of the house).
+ Employ plants, either real or artificial, as decor in your bathroom.
+ A bathroom should be primarily black, white, or black and white. Silver is permissible too. Accents in the bathroom (i.e. towels, toothbrush/paste holders, bars of soap) can be any color but brown.

(vi) Doors, windows and walls, oh my!

In a corridor, these are good door placements:
+ Doors are the same size and completely aligned (the handles line up).
+ Doors are the same size and completely unaligned (if you open the door and stand back, you should only see a wall).

In a corridor, these are bad door placements:
+ Doors that are the same size but skewed off from one another, misaligned. (Cure: Multi-faceted crystal hung from ceiling)
+ Doors that potentially hit each other. (Cure: Hang decorative red tassels or tie red ribbons around the handles of the offending doors)

Other door problems:
+ "Reverse doors" (located near a wall, not the center of a room) that open toward space rather than toward the wall. [Cure: Hang a mirror on the wall where the door should be opening up to]
+ Angled doors (like in a hexagonal room). [Cure: Hang a multi-faceted crystal from the ceiling]
+ Doors that creak or open with difficulty. [Cure: Fix/oil them]

Problematic windows:
+ Blocked windows (i.e. you open the blinds and see nothing but branches or your neighbor's wall)
+ Stuck, broken or malfunctioning windows [Cure: Fix them]
+ More windows than doors in the house (Not a problem if you don't have children)
+ Skylights [Cure: Hang a crystal sphere from the skylight]

(vii) Other things to remember
+ Where possible, natural light is preferable over artificial.
+ If natural light is not possible, artificial is still much better than darkness.
+ Less is more: make a commitment to let go of things you don't need every now and then.

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Post  Dinny Sat Jul 03, 2010 10:01 pm

Part 4: Ten Tips for Better...

(i) Money

1 - Keep the path from the road/your driveway to your front door clean, clear and unobstructed.
2 - Put a green, healthy plant in the Wealth area of your home (when you step in through your front door, it's the room at the top-left corner of your house). Artificial plants do suffice if the light conditions of that area are not suitable for growing plants.
3 - In your home office or work office, move your desk to the commanding position: free standing (wall to your back), and you are able to see the door. If you cannot move your desk from the wall, place a mirror so that you can see anyone entering the room from behind you.
4 - Invest in lighting up your front entrance if it is on the dark side: it should be well-lit and bright.
5 - If you can, invest in placing a fountain outside on the front yard of your house.
6 - If your lot is any other shape than a square or rectangle, you will have to compensate for the missing areas (ask me or contact a chi dowser).
7 - Keep bathroom doors closed, toilet lids closed, and stoppers in sinks. Ensure that no taps are leaking and the plumbing is good. Leaking taps signify loss of money.
8 - Place a fruit bowl on the center of the table where you eat most.
9 - Hang any sort of wind chime with a red ribbon of approximately nine inches in the topmost, leftmost corner of your bedroom (from the perspective of when you walk in through the door).
10 - Ensure that your house and mailbox numbers are clearly visible.

(ii) Relationships/Marriages

1 - Move your bed to the commanding position: Furthest away from the door as probable, headboard firmly against the wall, feet not facing the door directly, and the door is visible from where you sleep.
2 - Remove televisions, computers and landline phones from your bedroom where practicable. If you cannot and your room is large enough, see if you can fence off your desk from your bed with a standing screen.
3 - Get rid of pointless furniture and clutter from your bedroom.
4 - Hang a bamboo flute on the wall in the marriage section of your room (furthest, right most corner when you look from the perspective of entering your room). Apparently placing a rose quartz there is good too, but this doesn't appear in Feng Shui, only in contemporary crystal healing.
5 - Look at the marriage areas of all of the rooms in your house (furthest, rightmost corners) and see if any of them could do with fixing.
6 - Fit your bed with pink or red sheets. If this is impractical for you, throw a few decorative pillows on top of the bed, either pink or red (preferably not mixed, purely for aesthetic reasons).
7 - Get rid of any sad momentos from a previous relationship or marriage, get rid of them, they shouldn't be found anywhere on your property.
8 - Ensure that your bedroom is well lit: it is preferable to have one strong light that can light up the entire room over several lights that are weaker.
9 - Plant a flowering tree in the marriage area of your backyard, if you have one.
10 - Hang the double happiness symbol anywhere in your house and/or bedroom. You can find these (along with Ba-Gua mirrors, bamboo flutes and everything else I've talked about) at almost any Asian market. One picture, another picture.

(iii) Health

1 - Place a mirror behind your stove, if it is backed up against a wall.
2 - Hang a crystal sphere anywhere in the kitchen, but preferably over where the cook would normally stand.
3 - Keep your stove in good, working order: clean it regularly, ensure that all of the burners work, and fix anything that is not working as it should.
4 - Place a bright red cloth between your mattress and box springs (works best with the Three Secrets Reinforcement, ask me if you want to know more).
5 - Place a mobile (hanging crystals, Tiffany glass shapes, wind chimes -- anything like that) wherever the very center of your house is.
6 - Ensure that ventilation is good throughout the house, and that any air conditioning or duct system is in full working order.
7 - Cure any poison arrows. A poison arrow is anything that is sharp/jutting (like corners) that point directly to: the front door, your bed, your stove, and any other place where you spend significant amounts of time. Go to those three places and anywhere else you spend a lot of time, and look to see if there are any objects or sharp corners jutting toward you. Cures for poison arrows are vast and varied, anything from moving the object slightly, to covering it with a cloth (if it were a dining table).
8 - Cure any exposed beams throughout your house, especially if they are over the bed. Cure by hanging two bamboo flutes on the beam, one at each end. You can also paint beams to match the ceiling, or decorating the beams with cloth.
9 - Take a look at your air and water filtration, ensure both are optimal.
10 - Take note of harmful EMFs -- when using a computer or television, sit a safe distance away. Avoid heated waterbeds and electric blankets altogether if possible.

(iv) Living in Apartments, Condos and Townhouses

1 - Act and feel like the owner of the home, take the commanding position in the house. The further to the back your bedroom is, the more influential and dominant is your energy in the household.
2 - Resolve any entrance issues, make sure that entrances are first and foremost uncluttered/clear, well-lit, and as spacious as practical.
3 - If you have a garage/carpark under you (like you live in an apartment on the ground floor), place a plant in every corner of the apartment. Also, perform grounding cures once and a while (ask me).
4 - The same applies if you're in a very high apartment: plants, plants, plants. As many as you can have. Try for real plants, but artificial ones are good too.
5 - In small units, you should be doubly attentive to your "stuff", and make a commitment to get rid of what you don't need. Also hang a crystal sphere just about anywhere, and employ mirrors where possible to give the illusion of more space.
6 - If you have neighbors (either in your residence or in the unit next to yours) that irritate you, hang a Ba Gua mirror against a wall, facing the offending party (so, the mirror should actually be hung improperly: reflective side against the wall).
7 - If there are multi-use rooms, do your best to separate the rooms from one another: install curtains or place standing screens around.
8 - If your unit has no yard, you will have to compensate. Grow flowers in flowerboxes hanging outside your windows, put a bird feeder outside, and hang portraits/prints of natural landscapes if you wish.
9 - Pay close attention to the windows and see what has been done with them. Ensure that they open easily. If they have iron bars over them or have been painted over, see about getting that fixed.
10 - In the kitchen, employ as many mirrors as possible (to expand the space, which will in turn help with health and money issues as well).

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