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Restored: Soul Signs

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Restored: Soul Signs Empty Restored: Soul Signs

Post  Dinny Wed Jun 30, 2010 12:07 am

All of this typed out from a book.

Arbela wrote:I picked up a book by medium Rosemary Altea called "Soul Signs." According to her, each of our souls falls into one of five categories: Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Sulphur. The first four categories then slip into 3 sub-categories. I'll type out the the basic five first.

Fire: Passion and emotion can be as obvious as the brightest flame, or as unobtrusive as coals nestled in a bank of ash. Loud, crackling, with sparks flying, or inwardly and quietly simmering, passionate, always with the potential to burst out, exciting, creative, sometimes controlled, sometimes not. Warmhearted, extremely sensitive, spirited, impassioned, compulsive, bright and blazing, mysterious and moody, or inwardly burning with inspiration. Influenced by and acting through emotion

Earth: Earth signs are planners and strategists. They have an innate sense of groundedness. Realistic and able to rationalize, rock solid and reliable, practical and sensible, inwardly having a hard core, a depth of reasoning that goes beyond emotions and allows for concrete and objective thinking. Influential, intentioned, always ready to take action, supportive, safe, and often possessing timely, groundbreaking, and innovative ideas. Always productive, with a sense of fair play and right intention. Generally focused and instinctive.

Air: Air signs are passive, dislike conflicts, are able to rise above the turmoil and angst of the world, except in those moments of updraft or downdraft, when currents of deep emotion might cause a swift and unexpected reaction, sometimes, although rarely, in the proportions of a monsoon or tornado, quick to come and quick to go. Generally easy-going, easily inspired, able to go with the flow, light and cheerful, able to float, adapting to most situations and circumstances without fuss, mostly open, what-you-see-is-what-you-get, hopeful of people and outcomes, trusting and gentle. Acts only when driven by frustration or held down by oppression.

Water: Water signs are signs of navigation and detour, able to coast along or be forceful, fluid and easy-going, waters running deep, which means deep motions and needs can become submerged, swamped, or waterlogged in certain situations. Able to flow, to move with tide, to find a way around things, to follow the natural course or flow of energy rather than battle against it, ebbing and flowing, winding and rippling, capable of bubbling or floating, always trying to move on a steady course.

Sulphur: The last group in our cluster of souls is the sign of sulphur, a foaming, wrathful and enraging energy. Whether hidden or obvious, always smoldering, sizzling, or just plain boiling, clever and cunning or obviously incensed and violent, this is a torrid force that is passionately and angrily demonic and, indeed, damned.

Anywho, though we are influenced by all 5 elements, we identify with one more than the others. I personally saw both Earth and Water in me, which isn't a huge surprise considering my chart.

See if you can pick an element ~ I'll be back later with each element's sub-categories. These categories help plant me more into Earth and ended my initial confusion between Earth and Water.

Arbela wrote:Since we have some possible Airs, I'll list the Air sub-categories...Traveler, Prophet, and Newborn Soul. Traveler first:

The Traveler Soul:
The Traveler has great difficulty making personal commitments, and their fear that the grass may be greener on the other side of the fence can be taken to such an extreme that they can miss out on what is right under their nose, and fail to see or to take advantage of the moment. Age and experience can change this, and when that happens the Traveler will be less afraid to commit, and will be eager to act in a good and positive way. Work or career is important, and in these areas the Traveler will be much more decisive and committed, and will usually shine in their chosen career.

Traveler is drive to action through a need to express frustration or oppression, and is the most likely of the Air group to express that frustration (which is not necessarily a bad thing).

An explorer, a good storyteller, is a dreamer and may be a true traveler and explorer of foreign lands. Has a tendency to ignore emotional issues, passively burying their head in the sand, hoping problems will simply go away. Is intuitive, sensitive to psychic phenomena. Likes movies but is not always fond of books and poetry. Knowledgeable in certain areas, can be inquisitive but does not necessarily have a good attention span (expect in a work environment where they mean to impress).

Can be romantic but fickle, especially in youth. Likes to be active. Is a thrill seeker. A wanderer, good communicator, nonconformist, eyes ever turned outward (rarely inward), a collector of facts (even trivial ones). Always on the lookout for the next new thing, rarely boring, good sense of humor, generally easy-going and accepting, passive but will blow up if cornered or oppressed. Likes falling in love, but when the first bloom fails, is ready to move on. Is prone to marriage and a variety of relationships. Likes family and kids but may initially shy away from responsibility. Will usually settle down in mid to late 40s or 50s.

Arbela wrote:Air #2

The Prophet Soul:
The Prophet is perhaps the gentlest of this soul cluster, with good intentions toward everyone. Has great faith in people, which can often lead to personal disappointment and unhappiness. Selfless to the point of self-damage, and passive in nature, Prophet will rarely show aggression out when they do. Prophet is one of those souls we need if we are sick or hurt, as they will work tirelessly for the good of others. From the energy group of Air, Prophet is driven to action only through frustration or oppression and will, much more easily than Traveler or Newborn, be able to deal with any feelings of aggression or frustration in a calmer and more balanced way, staying for the most part calm and centered.

Has an inborn faith in God, an inner knowing and a real connection to their spirit self. Likes having a cause. Is a good interpreter, very sensitive, intuitive, caring, gentle. A good forecaster of other people's feelings, making a good healer, doctor, or nurse. Will have a tendency to seek work in the service of others, even if only part-time or voluntary. Loves animals and would make a good vet, farmer, zoo keeper, animal caretaker.

Prophet seeks wisdom but is not necessarily wise. Likes books that have a purpose or meaning or in some way is constructive and instructive. Can be quite opinionated. Very trusting and accepting of others, although can at times be passive to the point of allowing others to abuse their good nature. Truthful, honest, a little fanciful, a great thinker but not necessarily a doer. Can be naive. Loves children and often finds it easier to communicate with them than with adults. Can be a loner and is often lonely, outgoing but in a very quiet way, very family oriented, generally content with life and able to make the best of even the worst situations. Needs a partner who is family oriented and perhaps a little more gregarious and out-going, but not too much so.

*Added later*

Air #3

The Newborn Soul:
Naive, obvious, easy to read, easily influenced, inquisitive and inquiring of people, but in a really good way. Fresh, interested in most things, simple, finds it hard to keep a secret. Prone to gossip, but without any meanness or intention of doing harm. Inventive, curious, can be unintentionally insensitive. Seemingly immature in some ways, can be innovative, original, gimmicky. Likes to up-to-date about things, artistic, creative. Can be emotional and is often hard to control. A nonconformist, nontraditional, innocent, open, pliable, amateurish, youthful, bold, gentle, sensitive, likes people and nature. Can be too trusting. Makes and keeps friends easily. Will fit into most situations easily, easy to please. Can be self-indulgent, especially with food and drink. Aggressive only when pushed. A very positive Air sign with great tolerance and acceptance, very likable. If you know someone with this Air sign, you can only think of this person with a smile on your face.

This soul is extremely easy-going. Sometimes finds it hard to make decisions, especially important ones, and will often defer to a stronger partner. Impulsive, falls in love easily. Loyal and affectionate, naiveté and enthusiasm can be considered irritating by other souls. In their desire to like and to be liked by others, Newborns are apt to ignore their instincts and sometimes make misjudgments of other people's character.

We have Fire, Earth and Water left. Any requests?

Arbela wrote:Earth: The Hunter, The Visionary, and The Warrior Soul

The Hunter Soul:
The Hunter can be a challenging and truly inspiring personality, actively working to achieve whatever it is they desire. In their determination to win, they can sometimes be unintentionally draining, damaging and harmful to those around them. As with most soul types, their character traits can be equally negative or positive. Either way, they are one of the strongest souls in our cluster, maximizing not only their own talents but also, to a lesser degree, the talents of others.

From the energy of Earth, Hunter is drive to action by a need to act, to plan, to strategize. When Hunter uses that energy force negatively, we have one of the most aggressive soul signs. When used positively, this soul is one of the most productive, creative, energetic, powerful.

Hunter pursues goals, takes action, is skillful, artful, patient for their own needs. Exploitive of people and situations, or opportunistic? Prone to suppressing anger, and then has flare-ups. Might struggle in personal relationships and does not share easily. Likes own-sex company, likes physical activity, likes to be active and is often sports oriented. Likes outdoors and animals, as they can often relate to them better than people. Is a tracker, keeping track of people and situations.

When it's important to them, Hunters can be good providers, thinkers, planners. Self-motivated, but can be pushy and demanding. Has strong instincts, is a predator, unconsciously seeking out and using other souls' energies for themselves. Needy, wanting, forward, can be extremely selfish without realizing it. A know-it-all, proud, often seen as arrogant. Very much a loner despite hating solitude. Has two sides: controlling but can be incredibly kind. Needs to be recognized, even for the smallest good deed. In a relationship with Hunter, will work to show only the good side: charming, gentle, interested, thoughtful. Eventually, the self-involved side will show through. Needs someone with a strong but more passive nature who will be prepared to encourage, admire, feed the Hunter ego.

The Visionary Soul:
Visionary will make the best friend. Loyal and concerned, they rarely give up on anyone, and will take the initiative to call you even if you neglect them. Because of this, they are open to being used and can become extremely hurt by others' seeming insensitivity. Very forgiving and rarely hold a grudge. As all Earth signs, driven to action through planning, strategizing. However, this characteristic is not as obvious in Visionary, though they are equally strong.

Good instincts, not easily trusting of others, intuitive, understanding, sympathetic, empathetic, makes a good healer. Connected to things spiritual, connected to their soul, curious, in an unconscious state of awareness, wise, bright, able to reason. Has great vision, very insightful and is often profound in a way that will surprise even them. Perceptive, good judge of character, not always practical, has tendency to daydream. Visionary has a remarkable imagination, can be unrealistic, has a tendency to procrastinate over difficult situations but will eventually make decisions and take action.

Visionary is a thinker, very moral, a great amount of common sense but doesn't always apply it themselves. Can be negative about own life situation and become depressed, but is balanced by being hopeful, prone to flights of fancy, does not always have feet on the ground. Protective of family, friends, colleagues. Will shine in their ability to sense others' emotions and spiritual states of mind, able to give really constructive advice, which they will not always take for themselves. Insightful, good perspective. Not always good with money, may struggle financially. Visionary needs practicality and a partner who has their feet on the ground. Needs to be protected and can often feel vulnerable in unchartered waters. hates to be controlled, very tactile and affectionate. A good homemaker, using planning and strategy to create a perfect environment. Tends to need constant reassurance emotionally, which can strain a partnership.

The Warrior Soul:
The Warrior generally stands out, can be found by some to be intimidating. Often at the forefront of any action, strong and ready, utterly reliable, this is a good person to have by your side in a fight. Warrior will bring sound common sense to any situation and will act when others are uncertain or afraid. The Earth drive for planning, strategizing and taking action is very obvious. In immaturity can be forceful and judgmental in their demands of others, particularly when it comes to their idea of right behavior. In maturity, Warrior learns they can control only their own behavior, and it is not for them to decide what is right or wrong for others ~ tough lesson.

Combative, courageous, has many mental struggles, will often wrestle inwardly with problems before dealing with them. Doesn't give up, committed, brave, sees and watches like a hawk. Can be a hardliner. Is an expansionist, crusader, very professional, can be mercenary for what they consider to be the greater good. Thoughtful, adventuresome, unafraid to do battle. The first to volunteer for a good cause. A trooper, campaigner, likes order, hardworking, has great energy but not necessarily physical. Often has great faith in God and/or in themselves.

Warrior is precise, methodical, curious, meticulous, exacting, fastidious, regimented. Can be picky, rigorous, thorough, painstaking, which can be challenging, although they are extremely protective of loved ones and the underdog. Infused with a sense of fairness and honesty, and when in battle is unafraid of personal harm. Has a strong sense of justice, hates meanness or injustice. Determined, aggressive when necessary, powerful, a good mediator. Outspoken, watchful, alert, quick-witted, serious ~ even in humor. Concerned with self-growth. Not a brawler but is very knowing. Loves company and is usually very social. However, will tend to keep inner feelings private until a bond of trust has been formed. Very much home oriented, family is the priority. Personal relationships are important and built on trust. Needs a partner who is first loyal, centered, sure of their own self ~ must understand and be protective of Warrior's vulnerability. Needs to work on not being too controlling and rigid in their demands of right behavior.

Arbela wrote:Sulphur does not have sub-categories like the other 4 elements, but it does get split up into 3 Energy categories: Introvert, Central and Extrovert. The other 4 elements are divided up this way as well. I'll post those in time.

Fire Souls: Retrospective, Dreaming, and Bright Star

The Retrospective Soul:
The Retrospective Soul is probably one of if not THE most misunderstood of all the soul signs, mainly because of their real difficulty in seeing themselves as they really are, as they can be so blinded and trapped by their emotions. Extremely strong willed and emotionally driven, learning and growing is a very painful process. Misunderstood, and often unfairly and harshly judged by others, it takes a truly courageous Retrospective to open their eyes, accept who they are and why they behave the way they do. When that happens, the flower that is their spirit shines through with blinding beauty.

This soul truly and intensely desires perfection. Everything needs to be perfect ~ marriage, children, job, pet, life. Inevitably, Retrospective will be disappointed again and again. They will feel let down and inadequate and will often blame others, unable or unwilling to see that perhaps their expectations were set too high.

Idealistic, hardworking, a survivor. Can be kind and considerate when seeking attention and approval, although this soul always has to struggle with feelings of insecurity. Takes things personally, a worrier. Tends to continually look back, holding on tightly to old hurts and pain, may find it difficult to separate past and present. Is ultrasensitive and therefore easily hurt. Prone to disappointment and often finds it a struggle to be positive. Can become self-involved and, because of focusing on negative past experiences, if not careful can become a malcontent. Can have moments of great insight and sensitivity, but later can be seen as someone in denial with a tendency to repeat past mistakes. Finds it difficult to express feelings except through emotionally driven outpourings. Might use health problems to excuse bad behavior.

Can be caring, sympathetic, warm. Because of a great need to be needed, will willingly put themselves out to help others, especially those outside of the family who have not yet disappointed them. Within the family, they tend to hold on to the disappointment, and in their need to control have been known to go as far as to create sibling rivalries as a means of controlling the family. If this soul doesn't mature, they have a tendency to grow more unhappy in old age. Needy and always looking for perfection, might find great difficulty in achieving any sense of personal happiness. Perhaps needs someone who will see the good inside. Overcoming their disappointments and understanding their true nature, will work doubly hard at making their relationships work and can achieve that happiness they so desperately need and deserve.

The Dreaming Soul:
You cannot help buy like the Dreaming Soul, as they have to many endearing qualities. Even at the height of frustration with their scatterbrained antics, it is hard to hold on to any feelings of anger towards them. Their intentions are usually the best. If you have Dreaming in your life, then your life is enriched.

With their thoughts often going in several different directions at once, Dreaming will need to work on self-discipline. As a Fire sign, they are extremely strong willed, but quietly so. Their passion is well hidden. Is driven to action through emotions, however their willfulness and frequent refusal to compromise are much less obvious than the other Fires. Dreaming is often underestimated for this reason.

Aspires to wonderful things, ambitious but not driven, idealistic but not always living in what some would call the real world. Has a vivid imagination and a tendency to get carried away, is contemplative and often in their own head, not particularly physically active or prone to strenuous exercise, but walking, yoga, gentle mind-body exercises will interest them. Can be meditative, wishful thinking, expectant, hopeful of life and situations. Likes to avoid conflict but will fight when emotionally driven. Can be thoughtful but also unsure of themselves, defensive. Happy to fantasize, quick sense of humor, artistic, creative, loves to paint or sew. Loves people, children, and animals. Very caring and desiring the best for others, willing workers, like to be helpful. Does not like position of authority and can get easily flustered.

Forgiving and tolerant, often determined to see mate through rose-colored glasses. Can allow themselves to be taken advantage of, but if they want it that way. Rarely dissatisfied and always hopeful of improvement, looking for fairy-tale marriage. Should be more realistic and not assume every sees things the way they do.

The Bright Star Soul:
Wonderful and bright, they do indeed bring light, fun and laughter with them. Bright Star seeks and needs attention in great quantities, and this is for most of us not always possible to give. Bright Star can become emotional and easily hurt by what appears to them neglectful behavior by others. Ego is perhaps Bright Star's Achilles heel, as their need to be number one can overshadow personal confidence. That same ego, when used positively, is what pushes them forward and helps them achieve. If not careful, lack of introspection can halt or slow their growth. Driven by emotion (like all Fires), willful and uncompromising, Bright Star can be seen to be quite dramatic and a powerhouse of energy.

Talented, cheerful, quick-witted, clever but often naive. Quick to recover from difficult situations, alert, extremely optimistic, radiant, intelligent. Very principled but vivacious and usually lucky, has a divine quality or a uniqueness that can be hard to define. A prominent performer in any chosen profession, well known, famous, brilliant ~ many Bright Stars like to be number one, even in the most insignificant events. Can have tendencies toward astronomy, astrology, or matters pertaining to planetary action.

Often attractive, headstrong, can be dramatic to the point of being disregarded by others as attention seekers. Value reputation in themselves and others. Have A tendency to orbit, to go around problems in order to solve them, often do not get to the point quickly. An entertainer, good host, funny, egotistical, needs to be liked and loved, needs to feel appreciated and special. Needs a partner who is quietly self-assured and confident, who will not mind taking a back seat or feel threatened by Bright Star's strong personality. Is passionate but will take a while to warm up. Easily impressed and likes to be surrounded by beautiful and intelligent people, but will often mistake intelligence for sincerity and caring. Can have incredible mood swings, and the emotional highs and lows will keep their partner on their toes. Exhausting but fun. Needs to work on not being too controlling or dramatic. Cannot always have things their way and must be aware of others' needs.

Arbela wrote:And now Water: The Seeker, The Peacemaker, and The Old Soul.

The Seeker Soul:
The Seeker can be a somewhat difficult person to get to know, as there is a lot going on inside that they find hard to share. This soul is wonderful to be around at a party though ~ they have a lot to say and are usually well informed. From the Water group, driven to action through a need to evaluate and compromise. Seeker will usually do what they want, but will try to evaluate a situation around to their way of thinking and to find some kind of compromise with others. They may take, and be able to justify their actions, but will try to give something back in return.

Inquiring, likes trying new things, is unafraid of asking questions or showing curiosity. Can often be uncertain but won't show it, can have problems with low self-esteem. Principled, self-controlled, can seem to be emotionless, dispassionate, or detached but is mostly coolheaded. Extremely introspective, can be inwardly critical of others. Rational, intuitive, conceptual, deducing and evaluating, argumentative, and aggressive when pushed. Mentally alert, can be idealistic, likes experimenting. Studious, loves a challenge. Loves books and music, likes movies and the arts, likes companionship.

Can be quietly questioning of others while often not questioning of their own actions, self-righteous. Avaricious in their quest for knowledge, a collector of facts. Sees themselves as philosophers and are such in their thinking. Would make a good teacher but would stay removed emotionally from students. Is often good at expressing and communicating knowledge but finds it hard to express personal feelings and emotions. Considers self intellectual and likes to mix with serious-minded and intelligent people. Usually knows many people and has lots of acquaintances but few close friends. In immaturity, Seeker will have a tendency to use people and situations to their own advantage, sometimes without regard to another's feelings. Maturity can change this. Personal involvement scares Seeker, who will rarely make the first move. Can hold back and be somewhat aloof/reserved. It takes a quietly determined soul type to pin them down, and their intellectual ego is the way to this one's heart. Once captured, the seeker will make a good wife/husband/provider and will take the role seriously.

The Peacemaker Soul:
If you have a friend you just want to shake because they are too good, too nice, too often used by others, they may well be a Peacemaker. Peacemaker has a really hard time being selfish and feels the need to be always compromising, which can be both irritating and frustrating to those around who love this soul. It can also be easy for people, even those same loving and caring people, to take advantage of this soul. However, this is not a soul you should underestimate, for if really pushed to the limit, they will show their teeth (if only for a moment). From Water, will strive to please and compromise whenever they can. Always looking left and right, always wanting to do the right thing, often at their own expense.

Quiet, tranquil, serene, mentally calm, evaluating in all things. Hates war or conflict and will often do anything to keep the peace. Sometimes heads towards martyrdom. Believes in freedom of speech and can be an activist. Very friendly but also very shy, is conciliatory and has a need to belong. Is a good mediator, a true negotiator, an assenter, a moderator. Makes a good therapist of counselor. Could become a missionary or volunteer.

Peacemaker needs to give and take. Is very diplomatic and generally gives good advice. Would make a good referee or politician. Makes a good matchmaker or marriage broker. An excellent spokesperson, very good in public relations, will weigh situations fairly. Has a tendency to be quietly judgmental, but can also be positive, gentle, giving, concerned for others. Uncaring of rights and wrongs, is very trusting and trustworthy. Has a higher sense of truth. Good sense of humor, creative, likes books and movies. Has a retentive mind, especially when it comes to remembering people and situations. Should look for someone who is sensitive and able to tune into their wavelength. Does not need an argumentative or disruptive person. Needs a mate who allows them a voice, with a good sense of fairness and honesty.

The Old Soul:
Fairly easy to recognize, most of us have met an Old Soul. Usually compromising and willing to listen, Old Soul has a quiet sense of knowing which will draw those seeking sound advice. Can always be relied on in times of real crisis. From the energy of Water, Old is driven by a force that inspires and drives them to evaluate and compromise, often in the extreme. This can drive them to tie themselves in knots, as they want so badly to make the right decisions in life, which will freeze them into non-action sometimes. Knowledgeable, practiced, spiritual, advanced. Can be conservative, appreciates tradition. Open, loyal, can be tolerant of many things but can also be judgmental at times. Can be a creature of habit. Is prepared for most things, always deducing. Mellow, wise, likes company but also likes to be alone. Seemingly contradictory in nature, likes order, even in chaos. Is compromising yet uncompromising of right action. Sensible, feet on the ground, patient, but will be impatient of what they perceive as trivial, dishonest or unfair behavior.

Old is able to join in any conversation, is interested in most subjects, is a good listener. Takes a while to make friends. Cranial knowledge can get in the way of the knowing instinct sometimes. Is the kind of person people come to for advice. Extremely determined and hardworking, rarely seeks conflict but will stand their ground, will more quickly fight for others than for themselves. Hates injustice, is very protective of family and close friends. Can be demanding of right behavior of others. Can be too impatient, judgmental and controlling, holding others to their high standards. Doesn't sweat the small stuff and much prefers larger and more complex challenges. Relates especially to the young and old.

Old is extremely independent and capable of living alone, but likes companionship and so leans toward long-term relationships or marriage. Needs a mate who is loyal and has high moral standards. Likes stability at home and work.

Arbela wrote:Sulphur has only one category ~

The Dark Soul:
Very few of us would say we know such a soul. However, it is difficult to be certain, as the cunning nature of this soul helps it hide, and we will rarely be able to recognize it unless or until some terrible dark shadow falls upon us, at which time the harm would be done. From the energy of Sulphur, Dark Soul will destroy and disrupt. There are 3 different levels and types of this power: two obvious and the third more balanced and less obvious. All of them are Dark but with differing intensities.

Evil, sinister, always buried in dark thoughts, sullen angry, will constantly be mired in a dark mood. Secretive, mysterious, unenlightened. Sly, mean, spiteful, cunning, hateful, shrouded. Never thinks of others except in how they can be used, completely self-absorbed, cruel, malevolent, immoral. Discontent, sullen, corrupt. Dark will willingly commit heinous acts. Vicious, foul, shameless. Will intentionally manipulate in order to destroy truth and goodness, will feed on fears of all creatures.

Has the need to stay hidden and will, through great cunning, find many willing victims. No relationship with this soul will be lasting, and all who form a bond will be damaged.

All of the elements have 3 kinds of energy flow: Introvert (thinking and reasoning with subjective thoughts), Extrovert (thinking and reasoning with objective thoughts) and Central (tends to think and reason in a balanced way, both subjective and objective).

Introvert Dark:
Will internalize, harbor grudges, hold feelings inside and then explode, staying angry and self-absorbed.

Extrovert Dark:
Will be external, have difficulty holding back, and will immediately show themselves for who they really are.

Central Dark:
More balanced, can at times seem emotionally healthy and balanced. This works to their advantage, as they are less likely to be detected.

Hershey's Extra Dark:
We have to eat it ~ it has antioxidants!

Just checking to see if you're paying attention. Razz I'll follow up with the Energy flow for the other 4 elements later.

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Restored: Soul Signs Empty Re: Restored: Soul Signs

Post  MKing Wed Jun 30, 2010 1:19 am

I can easily identify my soul sign with the Water element. The description really fits me.

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Post  Dinny Wed Jun 30, 2010 1:26 am

MKing wrote:I can easily identify my soul sign with the Water element. The description really fits me.

And which sub-class do you resonate with, Seeker, Peacemaker, or Old Soul?

Earth is the only element that hits close to home out of those five elements, although there are aspects of fire that I can see in myself.

Air signs are the very antithesis of me. I love conflict, I'm actually very aggressive (although it's often passive-aggression). Water just doesn't describe me, and neither does sulphur really.

At my best, I feel like a Warrior (Earth) Soul, or maybe even a Hunter (Earth) Soul. But I'm more of a Warrior, as the Hunter seems to me a primarily Earth type with Fire-type characteristics, and I don't think I'm normally that fiery.

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Restored: Soul Signs Empty Re: Restored: Soul Signs

Post  MKing Wed Jun 30, 2010 1:30 am

I would say Old Soul, defiantly an Old Soul. Restored: Soul Signs Icon_rr

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Post  PapiChuloLeon Thu Jul 08, 2010 2:04 pm

MKing wrote:I can easily identify my soul sign with the Water element. The description really fits me.

MKing wrote:I would say Old Soul, defiantly an Old Soul. Restored: Soul Signs Icon_rr
How do I figure out which one I am? Restored: Soul Signs Icon_neutral

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Restored: Soul Signs Empty Re: Restored: Soul Signs

Post  lilith Thu Jul 08, 2010 2:16 pm

I think Arbela would be an "Old Soul". Miss having her around.

If anyone claimed to be a "Dark Soul", I think I would actually laugh out loud and send them back to play their video/computer games.

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