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Do you have a "type"?

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Do you have a "type"? Empty Do you have a "type"?

Post  PapiChuloLeon Thu Jan 13, 2011 11:16 pm

How to do this thread:

chunk-munk - I like Cancer Sun women.
Guest - I like my wife.
dinny - I like ARM and chinese people.
mking - I like girls with a big AZZ.
lilith - I'm gay and like no one.
StarFireSong - I like ?
ARM - I like HIV free girls.

Those are just examples. I really don't know what your types are.

Girls around my height, 5 ft 7 or 5 ft 8 being my height, like me the most. 5 ft 5 - 5 ft 7 is the range. It's like midget girls have to find someone tall to compensate for being midgets.

I'm not even sure if I really have a type.

Your turn to share.

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Do you have a "type"? Empty Re: Do you have a "type"?

Post  Dinny Thu Jan 13, 2011 11:35 pm

He has to have long hair. Being taller than me is not required but scores major points if he's over 6 ft.

Personality wise, humble but quietly intelligent. Has to have some kind of eccentricity. Men that strike me as "normal" or "conventional" would bore me to tears. And it has to be a natural kind of eccentricity, like unusual mannerisms or hobbies, none of this "look at me I'm such an individualist!" indie/hipster poser crap.

I like Lilith's "type". *Goes away to put on best suit, shifty-eyed.*

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Do you have a "type"? Empty Re: Do you have a "type"?

Post  PapiChuloLeon Fri Jan 14, 2011 10:03 am

Dinny wrote:indie/hipster poser crap.
Can you tell me what that means? I see it being thrown all over the damn place, but I don't know what it means! confused

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Do you have a "type"? Empty Re: Do you have a "type"?

Post  Guest Fri Jan 14, 2011 6:44 pm

Man, you are soo far off.

My wife is 5'1", 165 lbs or so, light brown hair, greenish\ hazel eyes, crooked teeth, 36C, big butt and hips. She is an Aries. She has a high-school diploma. I won't say she has no ambition but she has no clue how to get from where she is to where she wants to be. She is always looking for "big ideas" instead of building a solid foundation. She can cook very well. She is a clean person but does not keep up with the house as much as I like. (We do have 3 boys so it is hard) She is not well-read. She is not stupid but has little book smarts. She has a very quick temper. She has better morals than me. She is very grounded and real. She has no social life other than work. She has low self-esteem (because of me I'm sure). She accepts me as I am even when she doesn't like it or agree with it. It seems I can't take her out to friends' houses or work functions without her not feeling well or embarrassing me.

My type:
Height - 5'2" - 5"8"
Weight - I tend to prefer thinner but not bony. I like curves but not fat.
I like a pretty face and a nice ass. Boobs don't matter but I prefer smaller ones.
I tend to like Ariens and Capricorns. Both are a challenge for me for different reasons. I like intelligence and ambition. I like grounded and real. Cooking is a must. I like clean people. I like feisty and attitude but she must know when to turn it off and let me have my way. I like a girl that can keep up the facade no matter what. She must be able to have lunch with the ladies from church and then be a freak in the bedroom. I like someone that loves me for who I am but pushes me to be better...and lets me think it's my idea. I like the "girl next door". I always liked blond with blue eyes (because I was blond with blue eyes) but as I got older I really started liking brunettes, redheads, any skin color, etc. Confidence is a must but so is humility and vulnerability.

Hell, I don't know.


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Do you have a "type"? Empty Re: Do you have a "type"?

Post  StarFireSong Sat Jan 15, 2011 1:31 am

Hmm. Going off the crushes I had growing up: They were usually between 2-5 years older, although a crush I had in high school was 1 1/2 years older than me. They're also taller, also by 2-5 inches.

Physical "type": I like clean-cut, well-dressed guys. I don't care about the color of their hair, eyes, etc., although most of the guys I liked had dark hair. Their faces are usually "softer" than the typical/ideal male (i.e., all those male models on the TV commercials with their six packs & acting like they're all that... EW.), but they still have angular features. The only guy I can think of right now is the late actor John Dye. I tend to look at their eyes first & then the smile, so... Wink

Weirdly enough, their suns were usually in Sagittarius or Gemini. The personality trumps everything else though.

Personality type: I'm attracted to guys who are comfortable in their own skin, have a really great sense of humor & want to learn, are musical in some way (singing/playing an instrument), are motivated/driven/passionate, kind, sweet, generous, respectful/considerate, easygoing, well mannered, etc., openminded (in the abstract sense, since I'm interested in & have had lots of experiences with things that cannot be explained), street smart, "handyman", outgoing (since I'm an introvert), & who are slightly outrageous. I like feeling that easy "click" of sorts, where you don't have to work at something; it's just there.

For example, during my school's spirit week in my senior year, the guy showed up wearing this nearly skintight sequined dress, a blue feather boa, a black wig, a bit of makeup (& I think there was some body glitter somewhere in there), a pair of those weird bug-eyed sunglasses, shoes with a bit of a heel, & spoke in this breathy feminine voice until his teachers recognized him. He wore it ALL day. I didn't recognize him for a full 20 minutes; I thought "she" was a new student! Laughing

I REALLY hope all this makes sense, lol.


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Do you have a "type"? Empty Re: Do you have a "type"?

Post  Wags Sat Jan 15, 2011 12:16 pm

I'm an Aries WOMAN, complete and independent, I need not these male counterparts to enrich my life with.


I'd like to think I don't have a type and am open-minded, but, as I said in my elemental-preference thread: I like the goofball/nerd type. Though I wouldn't limit myself to just that type.

Cumulatively I'd say I attract and am attracted to Scorps and Cancers. Dating the latter currently.

Biggest crush I ever had was on a Cancer boy (not the boyfriend) from daycare. First day he walked in, he was all brightness and smiles. Blond hair, blue-green eyes, skinny as a noodle. I actually saw him the other day at college. Looks the same! (except his blond hair is now long and flowing. Heck yes.) If we weren't both seeing other people, I'd have been half tempted to ask him to marry me. One look at him and my day is made.

Sadly, I don't know him too well, but from what I gathered about his personality? He's very similar to me. Tries to be open-minded, agnostic, similar taste in music, doesn't like mean-spiritedness, a bit naive.

Being realistic, one thing he lacks that... going by my personality he would need to acquire... is a competitive spirit. Such a huge turn on.

Being nice is just dandy but challenges and competition help motivate growth and change together. It just makes the relationship more interesting and more real, to me. Adds honesty and fun to it.

Traits that are a plus:
Sensitive (or naturally quirky as Dinny described, naive perhaps)
Humble, vulnerable (in accordance with Guest on these)
Dorky/nerd, or has some interest in academics, intelligent
Creative sense of humor, or really, just a sense of humor that I can dig

Physically I'm not picky at all. Just be healthy and don't show off too much if you do have ripped muscles. I'm not looking for Superman as a boyfriend. (Batman... maybe.)

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Do you have a "type"? Empty Re: Do you have a "type"?

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