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Restored: Totem Animals

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Restored: Totem Animals Empty Restored: Totem Animals

Post  Dinny Wed Jun 30, 2010 12:28 am

dinny wrote:Well, I was acquainted with a woman who spoke a lot about 'Totem' Animals. Some sort of Native American lore thing which I never bothered to investigate but all of a sudden became interested in. She tattooed herself in accordance to her totems, like she had wolf paw pads on her feet, a falcon on her right arm, a snake on the left... so on.

Any of you know anything about these mystical 'Totem animals'? What are they? Have you ever heard of them before?

A.R.M. wrote:Some Native American tribes carved out the images of the spirits they revered into wood. These spirits would often take the shape of what the tribesmen were familiar with: animals. The wooden carvings, or totems, were symbols, emblems, and representations of the people, their ancestry, and their gods.

Red Sand far as your birth totem yes we each have one ...its made of animals that will guide you in spiritually must learn their skills and their wiseness..they will lead you to great spiritual growth ..there is animal guides as well and many of those just come and go to teach you something ...also there is your shadow totem , this one is my favorite is the animal you most fear ..adn many people cant even see that animal w/out freaking out is a hard process , spiritually speaking must master there skills and wiseness , then learn from them ..its hard because its a "fear"once you have accomplished that ...that shadow totem turns into your animal guide and it will never leave your side .....also some of the guide animals also stay w/you ..some know you from previous lifes and miss you ...they will lead you to places never imagened...

Red Sand wrote:[b]wow ..took me a while to find it ...but i found it my opinion its one of the best sites regarding the animal wisdom...

also keep in mind that of your fears and they might be related to your shadow dancing would be considered in the creative category..once accomplished your fear , your shadow totem becomes your power animal , ..

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