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Restored: Countdown to Doomsday

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Restored: Countdown to Doomsday Empty Restored: Countdown to Doomsday

Post  Dinny Wed Jun 30, 2010 12:02 am

mi-cuit wrote:I saw this documentary special on ways that might lead to human extinction... It was disturbing to say the least. It included things from global warming to the bird flu to some meteor colliding with the Earth in 2036. Has anyone else seen it?

Also, Bob Marks seems to associate the start of the AIDS epidemic with Pluto moving into Scorpio. Are there any astrological equivalents to widespread catastrophes? I wasn't sure where this topic belonged, so I thought the Round Table would be the safest bet.

Hanster wrote:Destroyer comets?

When its near to Earth and other planets. It may change us all. As said, Virus. At 2036, I posted apophosis comet that recently almost impact Mars around Jan 30th;"object is likely to pass within 50,000 kilometers (30,000 miles) of Mars at 5:55 a.m. EST (10:55 UT) on Jan. 30, 2008."

Did anything changing in that period? I have some connections recently.

Is that related to this theory of yours? Hmm?


Stalker wrote:Many astrologers think there are clear correlations between disasters or big events and planets. The most common scapegoats are Pluto, Saturn, Uranus and Mars. Often, fixed stars and Eris are also taken in consideration. That sort of astrology is a bit beyond me, though it doesn't differ from horary astrology, electional astrology or event astrology. I haven't invested more interest and research in it yet, I admit, so sometimes I can't help but think; "REGARDLESS of how the event chart looks, they'll still find something, anything, to connect to the disaster". Not to say that I doubt astrology, I just find humans unreliable.

We have been able to see characteristics of single individuals through natal chart, but I think it gets a bit too unprecise when you start with entire nations. Natal charts of nations are in my opinion unreliable in themselves. If anything, I trust chart-of-the-moment a lot more. Wherever you are in the world, chart of the moment will probably be pretty similar, save for degrees, some minor positions and aspects. Well, it does make sense I guess. I still think it's dragging astrology too far out, with wishful thinking.

Look at WWII or 9/11 for example. Astrologers have arguments for that, they even show charts and explain them, but what in the hell is the point? It's like they show and explain the charts of 9/11 as a means of saying; "No, look! Astrology IS reliable!" to the disbelievers.

I remember looking at Joseph Mengele's chart. It was interesting indeed, and it did in fact tell about his abusive domestic life and upbringing, it did tell about the turbulence between him and his parents, but there was nothing in his chart that said he was going to become such a monster. The chart even got his whole charming mask and appearance quite great, with that Neptune conjunct Ascendant, but nothing told about massmurder. But I do think the chart was reliable, seeing how it managed to pin down all the traumatic and infamous characteristics of Mengele as a person. Same position/aspect can go right or left, so to speak. His case was a case of enviroment and chance. I like his chart.

...Anyway. As to humanity dying, I can hardly wait. No matter how stupid this may sound, I think witnessing the fall of humanity and participating in it sounds fun and like a break from boring routines. I don't mind dying along with the rest of the planet, I imagine it to be very grand and exiting. Hope it'll be like something from Stalker. No, really. It's one-in-a-lifetime event (no pun intended). I just hope people won't succumb to panic, unruly chaos and anarchy during their last days, that would totally ruin the experience. The last thing I'd want is having my apocalypse ruined by panic, rapes, murders and animalistic violence. Even worse would it be if a day before the initial destruction, it was all like; "Oh, we're not going to die anyway, actually!". Imagine how stupid people would feel. Imagine how difficult it would be to restore the balance and fight through anarchy. Then we could build a cyberpunk society, something a la Mad Max or Escape from NY.

Stalker wrote:We're so cheerful and pleasant.

Twisted Evil

MusicalxOverdose wrote:I'll be 46, least I wont have to get old.

Will there be an after dimension type place? Won't it be over loaded with souls that cant be reencarnated so whats with that? Maybe we'll be reborn as some weird leafy alien on earth in millions of years time. I want to be reborn as a jedi or some kind of alien. It's kinda weird thinking that this century might be the last generation of human beings.

Pssh Kasia blamed accused me of being negative while we were discussing this, I was just being realistic, lots of people will die, it will wipe out continents. She thinks that nasa will just blow up anything coming towards earth and save us. Nasa won't have time to respond, they'll probably realise like a day before and keep quiet about it and if they did blow it up I'm pretty sure that'll just create rocks the size of houses and make even more damage. I'm also pretty sure that nasa is only going to protect the USA as well, if it's heading toward europe or asia or where ever I doubt they'll give a shit, they'll just protect them selves.

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