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Post  Dinny Sat Jun 26, 2010 10:58 pm

Pink named:
These names represent administrators. Administrators have complete power to alter anything on the forum, because unlike moderators, they can access the code of the forum. An admin is your port of call for any suggestions about the layout of the forum, it's functions, or negotiation of the ban/suspension of another member.

Current administrators: Dinny, Dr. ARM

Dark blue named:
These names represent moderators. The duty of a moderator is to maintain the organization of the forum, this includes but is not limited to: adding spoiler tags to posts where appropriate, resizing images where appropriate, fixing double posts, and merging threads where the same topic has been created and discussed in two separate threads.

Current moderators: mi-cuit

White named:
These names represent ordinary members. They may use the features of the forum available to them, post, participate in polls, maintain their profiles and edit or delete their own posts.

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