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Post  Dinny on Thu Jun 24, 2010 7:09 am

The gallery is a place where members can post images to the three public albums or even create personal albums of their own if they wish. The three public albums currently are Natal Charts, where you can post your chart, Photos, where you can post photographs of yourself, and Art, where you can post any artistic work of your creation, from full-scale paintings to lined-paper doodles. There are no limits as to how many photos of yourself or pieces of art you can post, but please do exercise discretion and don't upload pictures that aren't you, or upload art that was not done by you.

You can find the albums here:

You can find this module in the upper toolbar. Here, it's primary role is to catalog the birthdays of the members.

Dice Roll
To roll a dice, look just below the text box while making a post. This is just a fun feature that can be used for forum games and betting.

These appear under your user picture and in your profile, although they are relatively pointless and only there for fun. Participation in polls, posting (starting new threads is worth more than merely posting in them, and you get less points for Round Table posts), adding people to your friends list and just existing (1 point every day just for your existence).

Live Chatroom
Go to the main forum index and scroll down. You will be logged out if you navigate throughout the forum, so if you wish to chat and browse, open up two separate tabs: one for chat, one for navigating the forum.

Not Implemented: Will If Requested
+ Full forum roleplay features (including character sheets and stat systems)
+ Ability to post on member's profile pages
+ Blogs

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