Themes Within Duads

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Themes Within Duads

Post  PapiChuloLeon on Mon Jun 28, 2010 2:05 pm

This doesn't apply for EVERY natal chart, but I noticed patterns in certain charts when it comes to duads.

Notice how the Sun's duad is in Pisces, the Moon's duad Sagittarius, and the Asc's duad is Pisces. He has what I call a similar duad, and his Moon's duad is in the same sign as his Asc.

This next one's Sun and Moon both share the same duad.

It's a mutual Scorpio duad.

Anyone remember Wiseman?

His chart has the Moon and Asc both with an AZZquarius duad.

Here's another chart of a famous prize fighter, Marvelous Marvin Hagler:

See how the Moon and Asc duads are both in Pisces.

I don't want to post my own chart, but my Sun, Moon, and Asc duads are each in one of the three fire signs. My Moon's duad also happens to be my Asc sign.

I never found any formal AZZtrology text on themes within duads. My theory is that due to the AZZtrological influence on genetics and therefore appearance, we can only vary so much in appearance.

Duads are serious business when it comes to physical appearance. I have been mistaken for an Aries, my Sol's duad, Sun or Asc all of the time. I found myself guessing someone to be of whatever sign for their Sun or Asc, but it turned out it was only their Sun's duad.

He can EASILY be mistaken for someone with the Scorpio influence in their Asc, Sun, or Moon. None of those placements are in Scorpio, but his Sun's duad is actually in Scorpio.

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