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Restored: Retrograde

Post  mi-cuit on Sun Jun 27, 2010 4:00 am

bluescorp wrote:I hate retrogrades!!!

Does anyone know a good website where it shows every planets retrograde phases for 2007?

It would be greatly appreciated.

Whats a retrograde?

A retrograde is when a planet appears to be moving backwards, although it really isn't, but it appears that way to us on earth. Whenever a retrograde happens things down here on earth run amuck depending on which planet is in retrograde.

Mercury retrograde (which just began on friday) for example would make all communication go haywire. Like verbal communication(talking and listening), telephones, computers(internet), satellites, instant messenger ect.ect. Usually a lot of misunderstanding and arguments happen when a Mercury retrograde is happening.
cancercrab wrote:Oh, wow. I told my boyfriend yesterday (Friday) to not talk to me for the rest of the weekend after he failed to communicate with me endless times when I finally got fed up with it.

(It has the rest)
bluescorp wrote:
cancercrab wrote:Hmm, it says July 9th on the website. Where did you see July 24th? It's a big difference...

You're welcome! I just hope it's reliable since we have diff. answers.

I saw it on this page:

But your right. I just realised that that date has to do with something else.
cancercrab wrote:

[*Posted: Fri Jul 27, 2007 1:33 pm]:

What about retrogrades in the birth chart?

[*Mod-edit: Oh, the usual. 11.03.08.]
Stalker wrote:Yeah, my Eris, Pholus and Pallas were retrogade in my natal chart. Not too significant though.

I heard that planets you had in retrogade during your birth are enhanced in their effects and representations. For example, a retrogade Uranus in your birthchart overblows the proportions of its effects slightly; you are highly creative and original, but it will take a lot of effort to be able to channel it right or use it. Also, whenever a retrogade birth chart-planet goes retrogade again, you don't experience same conflicting effects as other people. Those born with retrogade Mercury don't quite experience retrogade Mercury as problematic, etc.

cancercrab wrote:Some guy wrote a huge explanation for anyone who's interested:
Stalker wrote:Retrograde Venus is the period when relationship-problems resurface, and when your exes suddenly contact you. Seriously. I know at least 3 people who have experienced the eerie Venus Retrograde-effects recently. ...Likes yes, their lovers turning out to be pathological liars and cheaters, or like their exes randomly emerging from out of nowhere, including my own ex. I didn't think I'd notice it too prominently, turns out I have been experiencing it clearly. Especially lately. Boy, I can't wait for September.
cancercrab wrote:Here guys:
Stalker wrote: wrote:Mars Retrograde in Cancer

When Mars is retrograde, everyone's thought patterns are more introspective and we tend to think about ways of acting on issues and concerns which relate to the sign involved. With Mars retrograde in Cancer, people with Sun or Moon in Cancer, or Cancer rising, will be especially prone to such introspection. There is little choice but to reconsider personal views and opinions about life, for it presents an opportunity to gain insight into unconscious motivations. Since Cancer is a Cardinal Sign, the other Cardinal Signs, Libra, Capricorn and Aries, will also feel the effects most keenly.

Mars retro in Cancer generates a confused emotional state, placing those most affected at the mercy of the environment. Enthusiasm and inspiration seem muted, as anxieties develop around family issues, urging you to protect all things that make for security, comfort and luxury. Because Mars in Cancer normally generates a bold, independent and fearless nature, during the retrograde phase when nature is turned upon its head we should restrain the urge to exercise undue or tyrannical authority over everything and everybody within the home. Sexual desire is activated and sexual action intensified with passion is often associated with the urge to violence and control. Political leaders should also avoid becoming unduly concerned with homeland security and avoid imposing needless restrictions. This position makes the temper rather uncertain and there is a tendency for people to get restless, being inclined to change occupations.

Beware domestic troubles at home, frequent if not violent scenes and quarrels, child and spouse abuse, etc. It also indicates accidents by fire in the home due to carelessness or lack of past preparation. The danger from fire is further stimulated by the fact that Mars turns retro as he applies to the conjunction with the brilliant fixed star Sirius, the Dog Star, the brightest star in the night sky. Sirius is traditionally described as exhibiting the qualities of both Mars and Jupiter; among other things it awakens the jovian qualities of ambition, pride, fame, leadership, wealth and emotionality, but is also noted for the martial qualities of fires, drought, and danger through impetuosity. Although Mars does not turn in exact conjunction with Sirius, it happens well within the allowable orb. Sirius is located at a few minutes past 14° of Cancer, whilst Mars turns retro in the middle of the thirteenth degree, preventing the culmination of the aspect till next year. Mars will therefore not reach the partile (exact) conjunction with Sirius until April 9, 2008, after the New Moon in Aries (a Mars-ruled sign) so these characteristics are likely to be extended until Mars leaves Cancer on the 9th of May.

I might add that indigestion from eating foods that are too spicy is a common problem, as Cancer rules the stomach and Mars rules all hot things, not just fires! While Mars is retrograde, everyone should be sure to drink adequate amounts of water (6-8 glasses daily) and a glass prior to mealtime. This will offset acid indigestion and reduce the tendency to overeat. Potassium iodide drops taken periodically will fight the liability to stomach infection from eating infected meats, chicken, eggs, etc. Mars rules acute and inflammatory infections, too.

These are the main underlying effects of Mars being retrograde in Cancer, which remains a factor throughout the forecast period. However, on New Year's Eve 2007 at 4.01 pm GMT (16:01 hrs UT) Mars cruises back into Gemini, opposing Pluto in the last degree of Sagittarius, preparing for his long march through Capricorn, which begins on January 26 (Australia Day, the biggest celebration of the year in the land of Oz). Read on for more on the Gemini experience of Mars retrograde.

Mars Retrograde in Gemini

At 16:01 hrs UT on December 31, 2007, Mars steps back into Gemini, the sign of the Twins. Mars retro in Gemini suggests intellectual conflict and dissension, as the intellect is stimulated and opinions will be aired, no matter what the cost. Mechanical and engineering projects are likely to suffer obstacles, particularly through personality conflict and misconstrued communication. Mars retro in Gemini awakens a cynical, caustic and critical tendency that makes communication more difficult. Beware of vacillation and unreliability, trouble with brothers, sisters and neighbours, and a marked liability to accidents when travelling short distances. Hospitals be ready for an influx of fractures and wounds to the arms, hands and shoulders; along with widespread nervousness and irritability. One ideal way of reducing the tension would be to have a good massage!

The opposition between Mars and Jupiter, then Mars and Pluto has been discussed elsewhere as has the effect of Mars retro on each sign but I should give fair warning that this is a stressful energy that affects this period (between September 17 2007 and the end of February 2008 to one degree or another). Here's what I said in the Jupiter Enters Capricorn article:

"A debilitated Mars retrograde in Cancer (the sign of his Fall) opposes Jupiter in the second degree of Capricorn on Boxing Day [Dec 26, 2007], the Feast of Stephen, further inflaming the issues. Under this influence actions are likely to go too fast and too far. It is in our best interests to remember that too much of a good thing is sometimes altogether too much. Physical efforts will be either paralyzed by laziness and unwise actions, or proceed with such extreme force as to invite dangerous consequences. Spirituality can turn into fanaticism, and intellectuality can become arrogant displays of superiority.

Let's hope our political leaders save their grandstanding and bravado for another time, or at least until they see which way the wind blows, as Mars then opposes Pluto during the first week of January 2008 (partile Jan. 2). Opposing forces during this period have a paralyzing effect and a contest of wills is to be avoided at all costs right up to when this aspect is released in March 2008. Efforts to gain control may well produce the opposite effect. This is not the time to change or interfere with the status quo. Deliberately engaging the hostility of another will arouse a formidable opponent one might not otherwise have had to confront. Any form of confrontation, whether overt or covert is likely to blow up in the faces of the combatants, whether they expect it or not. This said, Pluto's move to Capricorn at the end of January 2008 will cement the shift into a new collective awareness that will be maintained to one degree or another until Pluto enters Aquarius in March 2023. A long-term shift indeed!"

Let's also hope that typically aggressive tendencies, mob violence and warfare does not seize the world in a deathly grip during this phase.

Mars turns direct again at 24°05' Gemini on January 30th, returning to Cancer on March 4th. We should bear in mind that Mercury turns retrograde on January 28th, adding to the inevitable confusion. This updated Mercy retro article will be on line in the very near future.
Hanster wrote:Saturn retrograde in virgo is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH

Hang in there while this week's cosmic energy field continues to explode with dynamic shifts and changes. Now all eyes should be on the beautiful ringed planet Saturn as it stops at 9 degrees of Virgo (6:11AM PST) and begins a retrograde cycle that lasts until May 2, 2008. All Saturn themes - focus and responsibility, hard work and determination, executive authority and leadership, logic and common sense, structure and form, right timing, fear and fate, karma and chronic conditions - are emphasized today and during the next couple of days. Watch out for delays, frustrations and roadblocks that appear to stall your progress. Raging against the universe won't solve current problems. Follow the path of knowledge instead of ignorance and you will be on the right Saturnian track. Shortly after the Saturn station, the Sun makes a frictional, 45-degree link to Chiron (9:35AM PST) while Mercury conjuncts Pluto in Sagittarius (10:50AM PST). Holistic healing, psychology and alternative medicine may bring the answers to questions you are asking right now. The Mercury-Pluto union can be a springboard to learn about hypnosis, reincarnation, childhood phobias, and hidden motives that influence your habits and behavior patterns. A brief 2-hour void lunar cycle occurs from 11:34AM PST to 1:39PM PST. Finish old business during this time-span. Once the Moon enters earthy Taurus (1:39PM PST), it's a good time of the month to review your financial records and reconnect to the great outdoors. Accomplish everything on your to-do list later on as the Moon forms a flowing trine to expansive Jupiter (2:04PM PST) while also making a supportive, 60-degree link to Mars (8:57PM PST). Be the Rock of Gibraltar to family members and friends who are on the ropes. Get set for an onslaught of new celestial alignments tomorrow.
ArgentFang wrote:Six retrograde postions for me, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, bleh...

I must've done some pretty damn terrible things in my past lives if such things exist...

Mercury Past Life:

If Mercury retrograde is in your chart it's likely that you were once scorned for speaking out; perhaps your words incensed a riot. Mercury retrograde symbolizes that you are afraid to say the wrong thing and that you don't feel assured of your own intelligence.

To master this life lesson, you should believe in your intelligence and the power of your communication skills. Practice public speaking and celebrate the achievement of speaking to a group.

You mean like this?! Rolling Eyes

Jupiter Past Life:

With Jupiter retrograde in your chart you were perhaps persecuted for your iconoclastic religious, ethical or spiritual beliefs. This experience was troubling and has left you feeling uneasy about embracing anything larger than yourself out of fear of exile once again. You are also fearful of showing anyone the light of your wisdom as you don't want to feel responsible for jeopardizing their social standing.

In this life you may have come full circle and snub religion or hold it in disdain. Your lack of spirituality or fickle relationship with spiritual beliefs may leave you feeling flat. Coming to terms with the things that make you happy and listening to your inner voice will set you free.

I guess. I'm no fan of organized religion, and my parents were not the church-going type. I've been to church before when I stayed over at friends houses as a kid and they went, and I just thought it was a big joke.

Saturn Past Life:
If Saturn in retrograde appears in your birth chart you may always have had a difficult relationship with authority figures. You were once severely abused by those with power over you; perhaps you were enslaved or, conversely, you may once have been a belligerent and abusive ruler. Always looking for the easy way out, you have a long history of being immensely impatient.

The only way you will evolve to the next level is if you learn the virtues of patience, hard work and responsibility. You must also learn to respect the people you work with. Rather than continuing with a freewheeling lifestyle, focus instead on making plans and setting strategy.

I've always said that patience is a virtue, although I'm not the greatest at making steady plans, or sticking to any sort of routine.

Uranus Past Life:

In the lives before this one you were a rebel or a revolutionary. You've always been an anarchist fighting the establishment; if there's a battle, you're there. Though this lifestyle has its merits, it can be pushed to the extreme. Your revolutionary lifestyle has always interfered with or perhaps even destroyed many other facets of your life.

You must learn that giving an inch can sometimes gain you a mile. Keep fighting an honorable fight, but as long as Uranus is in retrograde in your chart you need to master the lesson of compromise and, occasionally, conformity. Take a moment to appreciate the useful aspects of structure. Save your battles only for the occasions when it is necessary, not simply for the sake of rebellion or for a good fight.

Sometimes I think I compromise too much, and I don't stand my ground when I really should, although I depise conforming to the group.

Neptune Past Life:

Extreme creativity and a penchant for escapism have always gotten the best of you if Neptune retrograde is in your chart. Perhaps you have a long history of alcohol or drug abuse or you are constantly trying to free yourself of ties with stark and unpleasant moments in reality.

Needless to say, you will not develop personally, spiritually or astrologically if you are dependent on substances outside yourself. To rise above these challenges you must take control of your creativity and push it toward its tremendous potential. Take a look outside yourself and your own issues; consider helping others as a way to get outside your own problems. Learn to appreciate the esoteric side of life.

Escapism eh? Kind of like the internet is an escape from reality, even though some people treat the internet like real life...

Pluto Past Life:

With Pluto retrograde in your chart, you know what it means to be ostracized from the flock. At some point in your history you were forced to be the scapegoat for the community and you stood alone for bad deeds that perhaps you didn't even commit. You are familiar with being the apple of the public's eye one moment and then defending yourself tooth and nail the next.

This experience has left you very untrusting of the world around you. Remember that nothing in the universe occurs in a vacuum and that all bodies are connected. Therefore, if you don't trust in others you are also not trusting yourself. Believe in the people who have power over you, as they are sincerely looking out for your best interests.

Trust is a HUGE problem for me, hence the reason why I don't post that much around here, not to mention that I feel like my input means nothing, going back to my Mercury retrograde again.

I have much to learn in this lifetime, that's for damn sure. Wish me luck! Cool
Hanster wrote:

just enough to tell you when its in retrograde at great speed. Pretty cool.

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