Keeping the Chamber alive!! My Introduction Folks

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Keeping the Chamber alive!! My Introduction Folks

Post  Urania on Wed Dec 14, 2016 9:19 pm

Hello! I'm glad to see Constellation Chamber still has some life left. I was a member back in the day, not super active but enjoyed the experience. I wish I remembered my screen name, nonetheless, I'm here again looking for an astrology community.

1. Name/Nickname:

Urania, Airie

2. Story behind username:

Urania is a greek muse of astronomy, astrology and philosophy. Everything I love in life.

3. Your hobbies and interests:

Writing short non-fiction-ish stories, reading, working with herbs and crystals for healing purposes. Tarot and Natal Chart Analysis. Astrology, astronomy and physics.

4. Education/Career:

Astronomy & Physics (education)
Tarot reader and Natal Chart analysis

5. Tell a bit about yourself:

Home-body but love being adventurous with close friends. Lover of science, cats, herbs and the occult.

6. What got you into astrology?

I wish I knew. All I do know that it has always been an interest of mine since as long as I can remember.

7. What is your view on astrology?

Saved my life and has made me a more compassionate person. Between science and spirituality - everyone has a piece of the puzzle in regard to our existence and the meaning of it. I consider it to be a sacred science.

8. How did you stumble over Constellation Chamber?

I was a member of the old chamber and every so often visited Novareinna hoping the website was functioning again.

9. What's your grasp on astrology?

Hopefully, pretty good being that I'm making a living from it.

10. What are you hoping to find here?

An eccentric online community.

11. What's your sign?

Sun - Aquarius, Moon - Capricorn, Rising - Scorpio

12. Your favorite planet?

Uranus! It's gotta be my home planet. [/font][/color]

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