Restored: Lilith - Desolate Black Moon

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Restored: Lilith - Desolate Black Moon

Post  Dinny on Thu Jun 24, 2010 8:28 am

Stalker wrote:There's been some mentioning of Lilith lately. There are three celestial objects/points that host the name of this tragic and desolate figure, and this topic is about the Black Moon Lilith.

Personally, I don't think it's an actual celestial body, I'm more into the theory that it's the space between lunar orbit and Gaia/Earth. Hence the name Black Moon, as in desolate, phantom moon.

"According to astrologers making use of Lilith in their calculations, understanding and finding Lilith's position in one's natal chart is very important: it helps a person become aware of their "dark side" and will bring self-defeating patterns and unhealthy behavior to light. This is sometimes called the "sensitive point." Lilith is assigned to represent the suppressed "shadow" side of a personality, such as those relating to the memory of negative experiences. Consequently, according to astrologists, acknowledgement of Lilith's influence leads to self-rejuvenation and release.

In a woman's horoscope, Lilith represents which part of life the woman plays a strong role in. Lilith is very evident and dominant in charts of powerful, creative women; those who are quite successful yet vulnerable and sensitive. Many have unconventional relationships.

In a man's chart, Lilith reveals the type of woman he fears and the type that can drive him over the edge, often to despair. The ideal position for Lilith in a male chart has an effect that attracts strong and beautiful women to him.

Lilith is also purported to play a large role in the relationships one encounters, especially intense ones. If Lilith is making a heavy transit in the love section of one's chart when one is beginning a relationship, the liaison will eventually become painful, intense and obsessive. Those under its effect may also feel some sort of unhappiness or even agony when Lilith hits other positions in their chart."

Some more info on Lilith Black Moon:

An example of how Black Moon would be interpretted in one's chart, lets take a Leo Black Moon for example. That kind of position takes the worst, afflicted traits of the sign (Leo), and serves as a direction and what kind of flaws, sins and negative drives the individual is prone to. Black Moon also bears connection to traumatic experiences one can encounter in life.

A Black Moon in Leo can be interpretted as the individual is prone to blind, uncompromising pride because of something that happened to them that makes them too emotionally closed, using pride, vanity or arrogance as a shield.

One may be prone to such negative drives as cutting someone down to size, disliking people who get more attention, even being promiscuous or trying to prove something to others through intimidation or destructive behavior.

Likewise, a Black Moon in Taurus can create an individual prone to material and physical pleasures; to an unhealthy limit. It can lead to greed, vanity, desire to have more, desire to constantly stride for more, depend too much on status and the material possessions instead of feelings. That may replace happiness.

It can lead to impulsive spending, financial inconsistencies because of clouded views and decisions. Black Moon represents what we may have to work on or watch out for. My mom's Black Moon is in Taurus, by the way.

Mine is in Scorpio. Go figure.

Share your experiences, black moon-positions, questions on black moon, et cetera.

cancercrab wrote:Great topic, IMO. What I'm wondering is that, you know how you have a conjunction with two or more planets and it can weaken one or the other? Do you think Lilith would be weakened or affected somehow if it was in conjunction with Mercury? Mine's in Cancer and it's conjunct my Mercury Cancer in 7th house, so I'm not sure how a Mercury or Lilith could affect each other. I don't know if it would make any difference being either an asteroid or a point in the sky.

Stalker wrote:
I'm glad you asked such. This is a fortunate aspect, actually. At first, I thought that anything conjunct with Black Moon would create some kind of really nasty and monstrous effect and influence from that planet and sign. Needless to say, I forgot that planets actually represent skills and solutions. That's one way to look at it.

Interpretation taken from Canopus Software:

"Adds depth to Mercury, and connection between the conscious and
subconscious levels of the mind.

Mercury can only gain in depth from its association with the Black
Moon. The Black Moon adds sharpness and wit. Mercury allows an
expression of the profound values associated with the Black Moon
(which signifies the unconscious levels of the psyche). The
combination can bring wisdom, as well as intuition.

On a simple level, this intuition will result in instant and extremely accurate
insights into other people's emotions - knowing their nature from
the inside, rather than judging them by their facade.
The understanding of other people's psychology also has to do with
the fact that the native's own inner life is quite sophisticated and

Mercury stands for the conscious mind, Black Moon for the
subconscious and unconscious parts of the psyche. The association of
the two means that there are more bridges between the different
levels of the psyche than in other individuals.

This will not always be easy to bear. At times, this open
communication between conscious and unconscious mind will trigger
heavy emotions, crises, anxiety or even depression.
Still, it is the
foundation for a high degree of self knowledge.
With this aspect, you will be well advised to watch the transits
(passages) of Black Moon on the natal Mercury and Black Moon.
may be times when profound rearrangements of your thought patterns
take place, and therefore golden opportunities to achieve a great
amount of work on yourself.

Conversely, the less you know yourself, the more these transits may result in situations of inner crisis.

On a higher level, this aspect of Mercury to the Black Moon can help
you become quite psychic (Clairvision higher mode). For
Lilith-Black Moon, a highly metaphysical point in the chart, is
plugged directly into your Mercury-mental consciousness. This means
a natural affinity with the hidden mysteries of life, and a great
capacity to fathom them."

EDIT: Lilith was the first wife of Adam, she refused to obey his male dominance. Lilith is indeed a beautiful name. Sometimes, she is described as bride of Satan, other times as the representative for female rights. And of course, in Neon Genesis Evangelion, Lilith is the mother of mankind.

Stalker wrote:
cancercrab wrote:Let's see... they are two degrees apart. Those two conjunct seem to be troublesome... like they'd have to spend a lot of time trying to organize their thoughts. Almost every single aspect I've ever read about my chart says something like "exploring the hidden mysteries of existence" but I wonder if that's just thrown in there, because anyone who goes as far as anyone on this forum who looks at aspects in general could apply that to themselves. It's the only kind of statement I find in aspect descriptions that I find to be kind of over-exaggerated.

Good thing you asked about the glyph, I would've been confused myself. Taken from another forum/site:

"quick astro. Lilith guide:

Black Moon Lilith (most commonly used one) ~ symbol of a cresent moon over a cross ~ mathematical point: the second center of the moon's elliptical orbit around the earth ~ has strong impact on relationship dynamics ~ represents emotional intelligence informed by the wisdom of earthly instinct ~ symbolizes a central motivating factor that is subtle, unseen but felt ~ describes how & where we cut away our pretensions, www.consciousevolution.comfalse roles & delusions & actualize our true, essential selves

Dark Moon Lilith ~ symbol of a circle with a slash through it ~ hypothetical second, smaller moon of earth, obviously highly controversial, like Lilith herself ~ where we are lured into our more self-centered illusions for the purpose of purging negative desires ~ describes our period of exile where the rejected shadow becomes distorted by the anguish of our pain

asteroid Lilith ~ symbol looks like a 'w' with a fish-hook tail ~ describes how we find ourselves in those repressive situations where we are not free to express ourselves & are not valued for who we intrinsically are ~ show how & whre we experience the themes of suppression, resentment, explosive anger, rejection & flight in our lives "

Also, most of the aspect-interpretations online are generalized. Natal Chart aspects, when seen as a unity and wholeness, overshadow each other and affect each other differently, create dynamics of whole chart. So reading aspect by aspect is really not much different from just reading sunsigns for example, they are pieces of the puzzle (natal chart).

Your chart is seriously scary.

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